When Was Toilet Paper Invented? (Updated March ’20)

The truth is, there is some history to support that individuals in China used paper to clean themselves with after using the bathroom, even in ancient times. Granted, this was not really toilet paper per se, but that is what it was being used for. Of course, they also used a wide variety of different instruments that look something like medieval torture devices that were designed to help a person stay clean after using the facilities. As far as the first commercially developed toilet paper goes, most people readily give that particular credit to Joseph Gayetty, who developed it for sale in the United States as early as 1857. It is interesting to note that despite a great deal of changes that have occurred to toilet paper over the years, this exact same type of paper that was first developed in the 1800s was still available well into the early 20th century.


Of course, toilet paper has changed a lot since it was first invented so many years ago. For example, when it was first developed it was sold in flat sheets as opposed to being sold on a roll. Somewhere along the way, vendors decided that it would sell better if it could be put on a roll so that it was easier to use and would take up less storage space. In addition, a lot of changes have occurred with regard to quality, texture and thickness over the years. This gives more people an opportunity to make their own choices concerning the paper that they want to use as opposed to being forced to deal with only one or two different options.


No one likes to purchase something, only to find out that its quality is rather questionable. This is even true when it comes to purchasing toilet paper. It is difficult to attest to the quality of the paper that was developed back in the 1800s, but there are huge variances in quality in the paper that is available today. Some of it is so soft and sturdy that it almost feels like real cloth while other designs are more rigid and have a tendency to fall apart if you even look at them hard. In addition, people have to worry about whether or not the particular brand they want to use is safe for their septic system unless they want to deal with a system that is suddenly clogged and unusable.


One of the more interesting developments in toilet paper came only a few short years ago when moist toilet paper became available on the open market. In some countries, it is a common practice to use a similar method to clean up after using the facilities. However, that is not such a common practice in either the United Kingdom or the United States. Therefore, moist toilet paper was introduced in these countries as a means of helping people stay clean. The United Kingdom first saw it in the 1990s and it was introduced in the United States after the year 2000.


Why is it important to know when toilet paper was invented? The truth of the matter is that it is an interesting little tidbit that you can learn about something that you still use today. After all, there aren’t really that many things that were invented back in the days of the horse and buggy that are still used on a daily basis, especially with all the technology that is available today. This is something that will always be in high demand in one way or another. Therefore, knowing about its history helps you understand how the product that you currently use came to be. It also makes you very grateful that these products are available and that you aren’t forced to use some type of torturous looking instrument in order to clean up after going to the bathroom. This might be something that you think about the next time you decide to use the facilities. In fact, it just might be the first time that you have ever put much thought into it as opposed to merely taking its availability for granted.

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