About the Author, Julie Foster

Julie loves all things that have to do with design, and her personal expertise is in bathroom décor and functionality. Her goal for every house she helps decorate and design is to be sure that the homeowner has a peaceful, spa-like retreat in their bathroom. Viewing the bathroom as a place of refuge and solitude, Julie believes it is the most important room in the house. She has worked with countless families and strongly believes that every bathroom should have calming effects, a strong feeling of safety and solitude, and most importantly, functionality. She has seen the craziest bathrooms and flipped them completely upside down and inside out to get the owner’s desired look and feel.


While working towards her design and business degrees in college, Julie worked part-time in a large home improvement store. Though most of the employees Julie worked with had very little interest in the products the store stocked, Julie took a personal interest in each and every bathroom item she could get information on. She is known by her friends, affectionately of course, as the Toilet Queen. Though some may find her love of bathroom appliances a bit strange, Julie would not have it any other way. She claims proudly that she found her true passion in that home improvement store, and has been fortunate enough to follow her passion throughout her career.

Starting out she worked as an assistant to a kitchen designer, but decided that was too easy. “The bathroom is where I need to put my expertise,” she remembers telling her boss the day she quit to begin her own design business. Having started her personal design blog in college, Julie spent lots of time documenting her reviews and thoughts on each appliance, with a focus on toilets. With so many options, Julie created a rating system including how well each piece fits with the rest of the décor, the user-friendliness of the system inside and out, and the overall “flush-ability factor” as she calls it. She often iterates to her employees and clients: “A toilet can make or break a bathroom. It is my job to ensure that it will not only make the client happy, but it will surpass their home goals and dreams!”

Julie desires a world in which anyone can find the toilet that will transform their bathroom into their dream spa, and has shared her blog with the world. She hopes she can help any family with bathroom needs find their toilet happiness, too!

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