Ultimate Elongated One-Piece Toilet Review (Updated March ’20)

If you’ve ever dealt with – or researched – any one-piece Toto toilets before, you’ll likely find this particular model to be rather close to home. This is due to it taking on most of the same features and roughly the same physical appearance as all past installments in the line. So, if most other things are consistent, what exactly is the difference between this particular installment and others? The price.


The toilet is perhaps targeted toward those who have already expressed a liking in one-piece Toto toilets, though simply cannot justify spending four hundred dollars or more on their next purchase. Despite this, it still comes with a few (though not all) of the classic Toto features we’ve all come to know and love. It still comes with a great deal of quietness relative to its overall power (albeit to a lesser degree), making it great for if you live with others but simply cannot or will not spend the amount of money required to purchase another quiet toilet on the market.


The Toto Ultimate’s flushing power is quite average. If you’ve never experienced clogs with other toilets, you likely won’t experience clogs with the Toto Ultimate. On the other hand, if your last toilet was always prone to clogs, this toilet might not be a whole lot better. However, I’ll note that the toilet flushes so quietly it could be easy to assume that its flushing power is well below average. Despite this, it still has a satisfactory amount of power and efficiency in its flush. If you’ve used other Toto toilets before, it’s worth noting that, while this particular unit is still very quiet in operation, it may not be as quiet as more high-end products released by the brand.


If there’s anywhere that the Toto Ultimate does as great a job as toilets priced at twice its cost, it’s in the realm of durability. If you take a look through reviews left online by previous and current owners of the Toto Ultimate, you’ll know that it carries with it a degree of longevity you might expect to find in more expensive units. This is a huge plus for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for in your next toilet.


Because of its very high overall level of durability, its average flushing effectiveness and its quiet operation that you simply do not see in the majority of toilets on today’s market, there’s no denying that the Toto Ultimate carries with it an above-average level of quality. I’ll make a point in noting that its quality rating determines how it stacks up to toilets as a whole. If we were to compare in solely to units roughly within the same price range, the Toto Ultimate would likely get a five-star rating on its quality. However, due to its lack of advanced features and rather average flushing power, I had to take a point off of its quality rating.


If browsing an isle of low-priced toilets, the Toto Ultimate is likely to stick out. It sports a look which is nearly identical to every other elongated, one-piece toilet by Toto. While the most you can usually ask for is a toilet which blends in with the rest of your bathroom, you may actually find this unit to compliment the rest of your bathroom. Toto certainly didn’t sacrifice on their toilet’s look to bring its price down.


As with the majority of other toilets made by Toto, the Toto Ultimate’s warranty likely will not impress. The length of the warranty in question (one year) is certainly below average. However, it’s not as bad when you consider the durability inherent in the toilet, which may begin to suggest that a warranty isn’t exactly essential in the first place. Still, it would be nice to see the brand show a little bit more in the way of confidence regarding the overall competence of their product. Whether or not the unit’s low price makes up for its warranty is up to you to decide.


Overall, the Toto Ultimate is certainly one of the better products in its price range. Whether or not it’s the best depends on whether or not you prefer a quiet toilet. If so, it’ll be hard to beat the Toto Ultimate. Otherwise, you may be able to get a few more features by opting for another toilet which places no emphasis on quietness. Either way, there’s no denying that the Toto Ultimate offers a great sense of value through its overall cost-to-quality ratio.

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