American Standard Champion 4 Elongated One-Piece Review (Updated March ’20)

American Standard is a brand which has been taking a large chunk of money out of the pockets of other toilet manufacturers for quite some time now. This is partially due to the level of quality inherent in every unit they release as well as the level of variation among their products as a whole. Where many manufacturers will release toilets which all specialize in one regard, this is not the case with American Standard. As such, if you’ve come to appreciate the brand but have been leaning toward another brand due to having specific needs in your toilet, you may find just the American Standard model for you.

If you’ve had your eyes set on a toilet that focuses on making cleaning a breeze, the American Standard Champion 4 is likely just what you need. While it comes with many cleaning-friendly features found in other products falling under the brand name (such as the use of anti-microbial material), it also comes as a one-piece toilet, making the outside as easy to clean as the inside. On top of this, it performs well in nearly every other regard. Let’s dive in and see what this toilet is all about.


Out of all of the above ratings I’ve given the American Standard Champion 4, this is its lowest. At four out of five; however, you can certainly bet it still does a good job in this aspect. While you can find toilets with more power (which is why I’ve docked it a point in this category), you’ll still find the Champion 4’s level of power to be above par. If you experience a low amount of clogs with an average toilet, you’ll likely experience none with this one.


If there’s one thing that stays consistent among all toilets released by American Standard, it’s their level of durability. And, as it turns out, the Champion 4 is no exception. Scouring the web for other people’s experience with this unit, you’ll find no complaints of the toilet breaking under normal circumstances. While this is already great in that you’ll spend less time in the future shopping for and installing new toilets, it proves to be a great money saver as well.


There’s one more thing that stays consistent across toilets released by this brand, and that’s the inside of the toilet bowl. Due to it being made of a material which is quite resistant to mess, you’ll find the inside extremely easy to keep clean. And, due to the toilet’s one-piece status, its exterior is no different. This immediately goes on to raise its level of quality. If you were to forget about these factors for a moment and focus purely on how the toilet stacks up in terms of the standard metrics of quality (flushing power, etc.), you’ll still find it to hold up quite well, making it one of the better models on the market.


The American Standard Champion 4’s one-piece stature gives it a rather sleek look right off the bat. This very same characteristic also keeps it clean over long periods of time, ensuring the exterior of the toilet keeps its sleek look. The same can be said of its inner bowl, which is likely to retain its polished look even after years of use due its easy-cleaning nature. Not only that, but these features will go on to save you a great deal of time as well.


If there’s one area where all American Standard toilets stand out among the rest, it’s in their warranty. At ten years in length, you’ll have a very hard time trying to find a toilet which trumps the American Standard Champion 4 in this regard. Not only does this offer you a great deal of consumer protection, it goes on to illustrate just how durable this product truly is. If the manufacturer thinks it will last ten years, you can bet you’re getting a great deal.


The American Standard Champion 4 blows many toilets both within and above its price range out of the water. Through its ability to stay extremely clean, its sleek look, its great warranty and its above-average flushing effectiveness, this unit is simply a great choice for everybody. Whether you’re looking to cut down on household cleaning or would simply like a toilet which works as it should, the American Standard Champion 4 is sure to live up to its name.

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