Toto Eco Soiree Review (Updated March ’20)

The Toto Eco Soiree is advertised as being a high-end toilet and it has a price tag to go along with this claim. While it may not be in everyone’s price range, it may be just the toilet for you if you don’t mind spending an extra couple dollars to acquire it in the first place. While many toilets which could be considered as being high-end often have a variety of more advanced features equipped in their make, this is not so much the case with the Toto Eco Soiree.

Although perhaps not exactly a frugal purchase, the Toto Eco Soiree is great for those who aren’t concerned with having any advanced features in their next toilet, though would like something that does an excellent job of covering the basics; offering a great, well-rounded toilet that is sure to not disappoint. While this may not sound overly exciting, it’s certainly a great overall toilet, assuming it falls into the right hands. Whether or not this is the product for you all comes down to where it is your priorities lie in your next purchase.


When it comes to the effectiveness of a toilet’s flush, there are two things to look at. Firstly, does it do a good job of preventing clogs of any sort? This is truly the most important question to ask and is an aspect where the Toto Eco Soiree performs optimally. Another thing to consider is whether or not a toilet does a good job of dealing with the toilet bowl itself. After flushing, is there any residue left behind? In the Toto Eco Soiree’s case, there isn’t.


I think this is where you’ll most see your money going when you purchase the Toto Eco Soiree and is likely what most marks its price up in the first place. Ideally, when you spend any degree of money on a product, the product in question will last for quite some time. The Toto Eco Soiree does a great job of this. So, while its price may be a little daunting initially, it will likely pay for itself in the long run through lasting a great deal of time. This is likely due to its efficient flush, allowing it to look like it’s putting in hard work without actually needing to do so.


You’ll noticed the Toto Eco Soiree got docked a point on its durability rating. It’s not that it doesn’t function well as a standalone toilet (it does a great job in this regard, which is why it still got a rather high rating), it’s that it just doesn’t come with a whole lot in the way of exciting, advanced and innovative features. Still, its quality is certainly above average.


The Toto Eco Soiree comes with a shiny new look and maintains a shiny new look for quite some time. This is likely due to its ability to keep its inner bowl free of mess. You’ll also notice that it takes on a slightly different shape than most toilets. This gives it a sleeker, cleaner look as it sits in the corner of your bathroom. This is great, as nobody wants their toilet to be the focal point of any room in the house, even the bathroom.


Although the Toto Eco Soiree performs above par in nearly every regard, this is not the case when speaking purely of its warranty. With a warranty lasting for only one year, this is about the poorest warranty you’ll get on a toilet outside of having no warranty at all. Considering you’ll be paying an upwards of seven hundred dollars for this toilet in the first place, it would be nice to see a little more in the way of consumer protection. Still, if you read through the many user reviews on the toilet, you’ll notice that it lasts much longer than a single year anyways. However, if it’s a high degree of consumer protection you’re after, this particular product may prove to be a deal breaker. Whether or not the toilet makes up for its warranty all comes down to where your current priorities lie.


If (and only if) you’re willing to pay a higher-than-average price for the toilet, the Toto Eco Soiree can prove an excellent choice. It’s especially great for those who would pass on any fancy features in their toilet, being that every dollar spent on the purchase goes directly into the toilet’s functionality in the ways that count. Assuming you can get past its poor warranty and high price (which generally pays for itself in the long run anyways), this may be just the toilet for you. When other toilets within the same price range just focus too much on fancy features and too little on the features that count, look no further than the Toto Eco Soiree.

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