Comfort Height Toilet Vs. Standard (Updated March ’20)

So, which is the right one for you? If you are looking to get yourself the right toilet for your new home, it can seem a difficult choice. You need to know how these two differ to make a better decision. We will take a look at Comfort height toliet vs. Standard toilet and help you know which one could be the right one for you.


An average human being spends 1 hour and 42 minutes, a week on the toilet. That is roughly 92 days over a lifetime. As funny as it may sound, it is, after all, an important daily ritual. If you are looking for a new toilet and wondering how to pick one of the right heights here is what you need to keep in mind.

  • The toilet should allow you to easily sit down and stand up
  • You should be able to comfortably rest both your feet flat on the floor while seated

These are the goals which that need to be met when thinking about what should be the height of your toilet.


Standard height bowls are 15 inches from the floor (plus seat). It is best suited for shorter people of and below the average height. If you have a family of less than 3 or live along by yourself, this one could suit you just fine.


Taller people prefer the Comfort height toilet. Comfort toilet bowls are 16-19 inches from the ground up (plus seat). They are otherwise known as tall toilets because they are two inches taller than the standard ones. Because of its extra height, it is also preferred by the elderly and, arthritic population and those with physical disabilities making the trip to the loo more comfortable, hence the name ‘comfort toilet’.

By now you have understood that there’s certainly a lot that goes into selecting the right height of a toilet. The two inches may not seem like much, but for a lot of people, it does add a factor of ease. An ideal toilet will depend on the following.

  • Your height
  • Your physical needs
  • The manner in which you transfer on and off the toilet


If you want a safe bet, we would suggest you to go for the comfort height toilet. People who have tall height find the standard height toilet rather uncomfortable just for the fact that it is a little low. Similarly, people with a shorter height are obviously comfortable with the standard height toilet. They cannot rest their feet flat on the floor while using a tall toilet and with the feet dangling down, the result is a pain in the legs and sometimes the legs falling asleep while they are seated on the toilet.

Most of the comfort height toilets are also ADA compliant, and are around 17-19 inches when measured from the top to the bottom.


All that said, it is a scientifically proven fact that, a natural squat like position with the hips located below the height of the knees is the optimum position for bowel movement. Hence, if you have a constipation problem, it is recommended that you use a standard height toilet with a lower seat that allows your hips to be positioned at the height lower than your knees. This may result in some problems standing up from lower surfaces.

In such cases, you may go to a comfort height toilet and use a step stool to fit at the base of your toilet. The step stool will allow you to sit in a squatting position. Alternatively, you could still keep a standard toilet and attach toilet rails around your toilet to help you stand up. You could also have a standing pole installed beside your toilet. Either of these options will help you push yourself up.

When there are people of different heights living in your house, it becomes important that you select a toilet height which will strike a compromise between the needs of all the household members. Rather than changing your toilet to suit your height, it is a better idea to use some accessories to make your trip to the loo a comfortable one.

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