Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review (Updated March ’20)

Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner works as a small gadget that you snap on the side of your toilet. The snapping piece is on the top and then there is a sort of elongated piece on the bottom that is placed under the brim of the toilet bowl. Whenever you flush your toilet, the water comes up and filters through the piece on the brim. The point is for the water to go through the gel piece and give your toilet a cleaning rinse every time you use it and flush it.


The Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner uses the gel to keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean.

While using the product in my bathroom, I kept a small journal of how the product worked for four weeks. I clipped the product on the side of my bowl. Here are the results from my first try with the Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

First Week – After the first week the gel was all pretty much still in tact. I could smell the gel which is a very refreshing scent (there are a few different scents you can choose from), and my toilet looked pretty good. I have a cleaning lady come into my home once every two weeks to scrub my bathrooms, Normally I would have to give the toilet bowls a quick cleaning in between, but after a week there was no streaks or dirt under my bowl, and I didn’t have a need to scrub it. I have to say I was very impressed at how clean the bowls were.

Second Week– After two weeks of use the gel pack was still half full. The same fresh scent infiltrated my bathroom and it didn’t dissipate. The little hook on the side of the bowl fits well and holds well. I did have my cleaning lady give my toilets a normal scrub, but I had her leave the gel packs in the toilets because they were still going strong. My bathroom suite in my bedroom smells so fresh, and it’s a great scent that infiltrates the room.

Third Week– After the third week of the gel pack being placed in the bowl, there was still a fair amount of gel left. The toilet still had no runs or dirt or stains, and the fresh scent was still prevalent. I thought for sure I would have to replace the gel pack by this time, but it was still going strong, so I left it as it was and waited another week.

Fourth Week– After the fourth week the same gel pack was first placed in the bowl, the gel pack itself still had a bit of gel left but it clearly needed to be replaced. I probably could have let it go for another week but I wanted to get the full effect of the toilet bowl cleaner. I decided that I really loved this product as it keeps my toilets clean between cleanings, and it smells wonderful. I ordered a value pack on Amazon, which was a good choice for my situation.


Buying in bulk for a much less expensive price is always a good idea for my family. I really liked the ocean fresh scent which is what I bought in the first place. The Amazon Value Pack includes six of the Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners at a fraction of the price. I knew I was going to use one in every bathroom so I went ahead and purchased them in bulk.


Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner keeps your bowl clean as it flushes, and your bathroom smells wonderful. This is a great product and a great value, especially if you consider that value pack. I like the smell of clean in my bathrooms and this product helps my bathrooms smell clean and my toilet bowls actually look clean for up to four weeks at a time. I personally wouldn’t go without this product for my home, and I haven’t found a competitor brand that works nearly as well. I would give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

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