American Standard H2Option Review (Updated March ’20)

Made with clean freaks in mind, the American Standard H2Option is advertised as being the toilet for those who just won’t stand for messes of any sort in the bathroom. This is achieved through a multitude of different features which have been built into the toilet in the name of an overall cleaner experience. Outside of its clever name, it brings a whole lot of innovation to the table in ways which are not only meant to assert itself as one of the very best toilets on the market, but as one of the best time-saving tools out there, no matter who you may be.

Being that time seems to have replaced diamonds as the world’s most precious commodity, this is a characteristic which is hard not to appreciate in a toilet. What’s more, the unit actually comes at a very agreeable price despite its great features. If you’re willing to make a couple of sacrifices in terms of the unit’s included warranty (which I’ll mention below in just a moment), this toilet is likely the most frugal of its type. You just can’t find another model within its price range that offers all of the same features. With that said, let’s go in for a closer look and see if this is just the toilet you need to finish turning your house into a home.


Of course, you simply cannot purchase a toilet without looking at its flushing power. While the American Standard H2Option comes with a wide variety of exciting and innovative features, these don’t mean a whole lot if it can’t flush what it needs to flush. Luckily, as it turns out, this unit functions perfectly in this regard. Quite simply, you cannot ask for more in terms of flushing power than what this particular toilet offers. I needn’t explain why this is a great thing.


This is another area where the American Standard H2Option performs quite above par. You’ll notice very little in the way of user reviews condemning the toilet for its ability to hold up well over time. While the American Standard H2Option is already quite low in price when you consider the multitude of features you’re getting, its large degree of durability goes on to further assert this toilet as having a great cost-to-quality ratio, being that you’ll likely not find yourself in need of replacing it for quite some time.


The American Standard H2Option’s high degree of quality is most apparent when you look at its added features which are primarily centered around cleanliness. For example, its dual-flush system ensures that no visible material will be left on the sides of your toilet’s bowl. Of course, just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it’s sanitary. That’s why the toilet comes built with a material that is resistant to microorganisms of all types. Lastly, the rim is made in a way that directs quite a bit of the toilet’s flushing power right above the rim, further sealing the deal.


The toilet has a very polished look about it. While this sounds great on its own, it’s also worth noting that, because the toilet does such a great job of cleaning itself, you’ll find it to keep its polished look for the entire time you own it. This goes in contrast to a large portion of toilets on the market who’s inner bowls begin to take on a rather gross look after having been in use for any substantial amount of time.


When buying a product of any sort for up to five hundred dollars, I expect to have at least five years of coverage through an included warranty, As such, I was rather disappointed upon finding out that the American Standard H2Option’s included warranty only lasts two years in length. Now, while some toilets come equipped with even shorter warranties, this is far from the norm. It’d be nice to see something a little more substantial here in terms of warranty length.


Despite not coming with the greatest warranty you might be able to hope for, the American Standard H2Option excels in every other regard. Thus, despite said warranty being so short in length, this toilet still proves to be one of the very best units on the market after all things have been considered. For a longstanding and extremely clean toilet at all times, the American Standard H2Option is an obvious choice.

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