One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilets (Updated March ’20)

If you are thinking about purchasing a new toilet, then you may find yourself having to choose between a one piece and two piece. A lot of people are not sure what the differences are between the two and this can make the decision more difficult.

One piece toilets have a bowl and tank fused together which makes up the whole of the toilet. On a two piece toilet these are separate and are connected by a pipe. Two piece toilets are the most well known option because toilets were only made this way for many years and they are still the type of toilet that the majority of people have in their homes.

Both one piece and two piece toilets have their own advantages and these are described in more detail below. Weighing up the advantages of each can help you make the final decision about which type of toilet you are going to purchase.


  • – Easier to clean. There is less of a surface area to clean on a one piece toilet. The space below the tank and behind the bowl is covered and so no dirt starts to accumulate here.
  • – A more modern appearance. If you have a modern bathroom then a one piece toilet may suit the decor more than a two piece. They work particularly well if they are teamed with other pieces of modern bathroom furniture such as sinks and baths.
  • – Less maintenance is required. There are less parts on a one piece toilet and therefore they do not require as much maintenance. This means you do not have to worry about having to take the toilet apart too often.
  • – More durable. There is less chance of a leak occurring in the pipe between the tank and the bowl on a one piece toilet. This means that the pipework is less likely to crack and that the toilet will be more durable overall.
  • – Ideal for smaller spaces. One piece toilets tend to be more compact and so they are well suited for smaller spaces. This may enable you to install a toilet into a space where you may not have thought you would be able to.


  • – Easier to carry and install. If you are installing the toilet yourself, then you will find that a two piece is much easier to install. The two pieces can be carried into the bathroom separately and this makes it much easier for one person to do the whole job.
  • – They are considerably cheaper. A two piece toilet is usually the cheaper option and in some cases the price difference can be quite substantial. You may choose to go for a two piece toilet so that you can get a quality design for a reasonable price.
  • – They are easier to repair. A two piece toilet is easier to repair because if something goes wrong in the tank for example, the whole toilet does not have to be taken apart. This will also make any repairs that are needed a lot cheaper. If parts need to be replaced then this is also likely to be cheaper.
  • – Wider availability. Two piece toilets are the most popular design and in part this is because this was the way that toilets always used to be. As they are more popular you are more likely to be able to find this style of toilet in a wider range of stores.

In terms of the way that both these toilets work, there is virtually no difference. There will be no noticeable difference in the way that the toilets flush and one will not be more powerful than the other. The only difference between the two types of toilet is the way that they look.

All of this means that the choice between the two will usually come down to personal preference and the budget that you have available. The advantages of both types that have been discussed above can help you decide which one you would prefer. Visiting a showroom and looking at the different one piece and two piece models that are available can also help you to make the decision about which one will be your next toilet.

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