American Standard Review (Updated March ’20)

American standard review


At first glance, the American Standard might look like just another standard toilet. In fact, when walking down the toilet isle in your homeowner store of choice, it likely won’t stand out at all. However, when you really dig deep and get the specifications on this toilet, you realize pretty quickly that, while it may not have any advanced features which are apparent from a physical design standpoint, it offers a variety of practical innovations which answer a whole lot of the common problems found in toilets of all shapes and sizes.


While the idea of low-flow toilets got a lot of traction during their initial advent, we came to realize pretty quickly that, for many of us, they hardly save water at all. There’s nothing economical about having to go back for a second or third flush. Luckily, the American Standard’s manufacturer seems to understand this. Not only does this toilet have a great flushing power, you might even consider it as being a high-flow toilet. The amount of water it’s able to move over the course of a second is impressive and it’s sure to get the job done the first time, every time. If you often find yourself going back for a second flush, you won’t only find this feature convenient and time-saving, you may even find it to be downright economical.


When it comes to a toilet’s level of durability, there are two things you should really consider; the toilet’s ability to deal with problems as they arise and its ability to prevent problems from arising in the first place. As it turns out, the American Standard does an excellent job of the latter. Due to its extremely powerful flush and its ability to keep itself very clean when stacked up to your average toilet, you’ll have a rather hard time trying to come up with excuses to replace it. If you plan on getting this toilet, be prepared not to go shopping for quite some time.


In terms of how the American Standard functions as a standalone toilet, it’s certainly a toilet which is of a high degree of quality. However, it comes with a few added features which drive this quality up even further. Not only does it have a great flush power which will prove to prevent future clogs and other problems from arising, but it is built with a material that keeps it clean and clear from microorganisms and other things you simply don’t want in your house.


Upon first looking at this toilet online or in a store, you may feel as if it deserves a rather average rating in this regard, being that it doesn’t exactly pop out among the rest. Over time; however, the toilet’s ability to keep itself clean proves to preserve its look, which is why I’ve given it an extra point on its design and finish. How a toilet looks is largely irrelevant if all it takes is a week of usage for it to look like the germ hub that it is. Fortunately, the American Standard doesn’t have this problem.


The American Standard comes with a ten-year warranty. While higher warranties may be had with a bit of searching, ten years is definitely above par when compared to the length of your average toilet’s warranty. You truly can’t ask for much more in this regard. The warranty in question protects solely against manufacturing defects, ensuring you needn’t worry about American Standard sending you a faulty unit. They also seem to be quite willing to help those who call in with issues, ensuring cashing out on your warranty is an easy process in the rare event you find you need to do so. This is, of course, a rather important factor if you wish your guaranteed warranty to carry any degree of weight in the first place.


The American Standard has it all. Its added features centered around convenience offer something we can all use in our next toilet. What’s more, it would still be one of the better products on the market even if these features weren’t included. Whether or not you feel you’ll come to appreciate its added features, the American Standard is still one of the best possible choices at this time. Through its ability to stay clean, preserve its new look, flush with tremendous power and its included ten-year warranty, you just can’t go wrong with the American Standard.

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