What’s a Smart Toilet and Why You’ll Love It

What's a Smart Toilet and Why You'll Love It

Modern households could not do without a toilet, it is an essential component of any bathroom. Most people settle on a white, porcelain toilet bowl and are satisfied with it for many years. However, have you ever heard of a smart toilet? It could change your bathroom experience. A smart toilet not only looks great, but it can be enjoyable to use with its many features. Keep on reading if you are wondering what a smart toilet has to offer and if it is the missing piece in your bathroom; we have a feeling you will love it.

What Exactly is a Smart Toilet?

You may have heard of a smartphone or a smart lock, but probably never a smart toilet. Smart toilets come with many excellent features such as overflow protection, supreme flushing, stylistic features, and even water savings. While there are many brands of smart toilets, they all generally look the same.

For instance, they have a white color, button panel, and have a traditional lid that lifts; do take note that smart toilets may differ in some characteristics from one another. Smart toilets are high-tech and rather futuristic if you ask us. They not only make a bathroom look cool, but they offer modern convenience and luxury. Don’t worry if you are not a smartphone or technology geek because smart toilets are user-friendly and will come with a handy manual.

What's a Smart Toilet and Why You'll Love It

Special Features

Some of the special features of smart toilets that you will enjoy are:

  1. Heated seat
  2. Convenient self-cleaning
  3. Comfortable foot warmer
  4. Slow-closing lid
  5. Bluetooth or iPod hook-up
  6. Automatic flush
  7. Adjustable air dryer
  8. Adjustable water temperature
  9. Massaging bidet rinse
  10. Illumination
  11. Deodorizer and self-cleaning
  12. Wall mounting that keeps the floor clean
  13. Overflow prevention

How amazing do these features sounds? Gone are the days where you must scrub your own toilet by hand, freeze on a cold toilet seat in the early morning, or even reach for the always-empty roll of toilet paper. A smart toilet can do so much more than a traditional toilet. Additionally, you will no longer trip over the toilet during the night thanks to the light-up bowl. Some smart toilets do not have a water tank at the back which helps you save on water costs.

If you are looking at this list and do not think you need all these features, then do not worry because most smart toilets are customizable, so you can add or take off certain features. However, who could say no to these amazing additions?


A smart toilet does not run on the inexpensive side. It can be purchased anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the brand, style, and features. While it is, of course, more expensive than a standard toilet, the benefits and features are often worth it for many people.

What's a Smart Toilet and Why You'll Love It

Why Buy a Smart Toilet?

A smart toilet is an attractive, luxurious and convenient addition to any bathroom. It eliminates the boring porcelain toilet and offers the user an extravagant bathroom experience. Despite the hefty price tag which makes the smart toilet quite an investment, its long-lasting design means you will not have to purchase a new toilet for a very long time. Moreover, most smart toilets will come with a solid warranty, in case of any malfunctions. And, if you happen to have any concerns about it, you can call a specialist to fix it or assist you in setting it up. All of the characteristics and features combined make the smart toilet a smart decision to buy.

Smart toilets are high-tech toilets that make a great addition to any bathroom. Whether you live on your own or have a large family, a smart toilet is guaranteed to bedazzle any bathroom user. We hope that you now know what a smart toilet is and all that it has to offer. You no longer have to be bored with a standard, porcelain bowl sitting in your bathroom that is prone to overflowing and other problems.  Enjoy!