Toilet Seat Styles – The Complete Guide

Toilet Seat Styles - The Complete Guide

While a toilet does the same job no matter the style, brand, or where it is located in the world, the toilet seat can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the user. No longer do you just have to sit on a regular, white toilet seat that merely lifts up and down. There are many amazing toilet seats on the market that are loaded with special features to make your bathroom experience a luxurious one. If you are planning on a bathroom renovation or simply want to make your toilet a little more special, then look no further for all you need to know about toilet seats.

What Kind of Toilet Seats Are Out There?

There are many kinds of toilet seats on the market, perhaps you have never heard of many of them. It can be hard to wrap your mind around purchasing luxurious or high-tech toilet seats when most of the Western world uses the simple, traditional toilet seat. Nowadays, you can purchase gentle-closing toilet seats, illuminating toilet seats, quick removing toilet seats, self-cleaning toilet seat, deodorizing toilet seats, and even heated toilet seats.

Toilet Seat Styles - The Complete Guide

Gentle-closing Toilet Seat

This type of toilet seat is a popular one and can be thought of like a slow closing door. This style of seat is created with anti-slam technology that prevents unwanted slamming of the toilet seat. We all can agree that when a toilet seat shuts down hard, it can be loud and annoying. A gentle-closing toilet seat is quiet and means you no longer have to slowly close the lid down or explain to children in the house how to properly do so, either. Prices for the gentle-closing toilet seat tend to fall under $100, making them affordable additions to any bathroom.

Toilet Seat Styles - The Complete Guide

Illuminating Toilet Seat

A toilet that lights up is exciting and lets you see it during the night when you wake up and need to find it asap. For those concerned with the brightness of an illuminated toilet seat, do not worry because the light emitted is soft, but noticeable. And, it can be in a variety of colors. Illuminating toilet seats are also great guides for young kids and guest bathrooms for those who may be unfamiliar with the room setting in the dark.

Toilet Seat Styles - The Complete Guide

Quick Removal Toilet Seat

Nothing is worse than trying to scrub the outside of the toilet seat but having trouble because of the pesky hinges. Luckily, there is such a thing as a quick removal toilet seat. This allows you to pop off the toilet seat to easily clean and pop it back on afterward. Quick removal toilet seats allow for an easier and more thorough clean.

Toilet Seat Styles - The Complete Guide

Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat

Yes, they do exist. If you are wondering how a toilet seat can clean itself, then we are here to happily tell you. Self-cleaning toilet seats come equipped with a stainless-steel wand that is able to detect any dirt or grime on the seat thanks to a built-in UV light. Once it is detected, the wand emits warm water to clean it off. A self-cleaning toilet seat is great because it is not always possible to notice every piece of dirt on the toilet seat with the human eye. Moreover, a self-cleaning toilet seat ensures that the seat is always fresh and clean.

Toilet Seat Styles - The Complete Guide

Deodorizing Toilet Seat

This toilet seat typically offers the same wand that the self-cleaning toilet seat offers. However, what it offers as an extra is a carbon filter that deodorizers the entire seat and bowl. Unfortunately, toilet seats are the dirtiest spot in the bathroom. They need to be kept clean in order to be sanitary. With a deodorizing toilet seat, your toilet will not only smell fresh but will be clean.

Toilet Seat Styles - The Complete Guide

Heated Toilet Seat

There is nothing worse than waking up on a chilly morning to only have to sit on a cold toilet seat. The thing to remember about heated toilet seats are the warmer you like it, the more watt/amp you will want to buy; heated toilet seats will vary in watts. Heated toilet seats also make going to the bathroom a more enjoyable experience for the homeowners and lucky guests. Do remember to keep the lid down as much as possible to preserve the heat, so that it is not lukewarm when you go to sit on it.

If you are someone that does not want to spend a fortune on a brand-new toilet but are looking for a toilet upgrade…then try one of these unique toilet seats. If you are wanting something high-tech, then try an illuminating toilet seat, or if you want something for relaxation, then try the heated toilet seat. The varieties are endless so get out there are start checking out the different kinds of toilet seats your life needs.