Toilet Guide: Are Round or Elongated Toilets Better

Toilet Guide: Are Round or Elongated Toilets Better

The issue of round versus elongated toilets is well-known for triggering heated debates, especially in online forums. There are individuals on both sides of the topic. Some consider round toilets better while others vouch for the elongated style. The pros and cons of both vary with your needs. What some consider comfortable may be a drawback to others. Thus, you should strive to choose what suits your needs. Here is an in-depth look at these two types of toilets along with their features, pros, and cons.

Toilet Guide: Are Round or Elongated Toilets Better

Round Toilets

Round toilets come with a smaller bowl and measure in at about 16.5 inches. This model has a round shape that gives it a generally tiny appearance than an elongated model. It is ideal for smaller areas, such as half-baths, where you don’t want something too large or powerful because it will not be utilized as frequently as other toilets in your home.


Perfect for Smaller Spaces

Do you have a small bathroom? If yes, then you should buy a round toilet. The round model is reliable when it comes to saving space. Due to its small size, your door won’t bash into it each time you use the bathroom.

Reasonably Priced

Round toilets are a bit cheaper than elongated ones. They have been in existence for many years, and manufacturers require less technology to manufacture them. The trick for purchasing a round-shaped toilet at a pocket-friendly cost is to compare products from different manufacturers.

Suitable for Children

Round toilets are perfect for children. With these models, you won’t worry about your kids falling into the bowl when they attempt to sit down. The round model is also suitable for potty training, and you don’t need to purchase extra products to train your children in using the actual toilet.

Ideal for Special Needs

Other than children, elderly people or those who use a wheelchair or walker can find round toilets easy to use. The smaller unit significantly reduces the number of accidents that occur.


Not Suitable for Large People

If you are a bigger person, you will find sitting on this shape of toilet uncomfortable.

May Not Have a Powerful Flush

Some round toilet models may have less powerful flush compared to the elongated ones since there is minimum space to play with regarding technology.

Toilet Guide: Are Round or Elongated Toilets Better

Elongated Toilets

These toilets are somewhat bigger than round toilets when it comes to bowl size. They measure approximately 18.5 inches long from the edge to the post holes, giving the lid and the bowl an elongated shape akin to an egg. The bowl size varies from one model to another, but the bowl will usually be slightly larger than the round shaped design.


Stress-free Cleaning Process

Elongated toilets are easier to clean since the large bowl allows you to insert the brush in and scrub it. You can also easily get rid of the tough stains.

Offers You More Space

A toilet with a big seat area will be more comfy for most people. You won’t feel like you don’t have enough protection when you sit down. With a large seat, you can feel comfortable in the bathroom.

May Have a Powerful Flush

Elongated toilets have a large space in the bowl to accommodate a powerful flush. This model can help you save water since a single flush is enough to eliminate everything from the bowl. The additional flushing power may also prevent clogs and backups since there is sufficient water and power to ensure everything is where it should be.

Great for Adults

Thanks to its shape, this model is more comfortable for not only adults but also larger or taller individuals.

Adds a Sense of Style in Your Bathroom

Due to its unique design, an elongated toilet will add style to your bathroom.



Elongated toilets are a bit expensive compared to the conventional round shaped designs.

Occupies More Space

Elongated toilet designs occupy a lot of space in your bathroom. Thus, they are not ideal for people with small bathroom space.

Toilet Guide: Are Round or Elongated Toilets Better

Are Round or Elongated Toilets Better?

When choosing the right toilet for your home, it is crucial to consider your needs and bathroom size. Both round and elongated toilet designs are ideal for many situations and can be utilized repeatedly without fail. The pros and cons discussed in this article will help you pick the best toilet design for your home.

Round and elongated toilet share some similarities and differences. Both are available in a wide array of designs and colors. They both perform the tasks they are created to do. When it comes to differences, you will find some toilet designs having higher pedestals compared to others. Conducting intensive research is the best strategy to identify quality toilet designs for your home.