How to Clean Toilet Tank

Many people dread cleaning the bathroom. The toilet needs to be cleaned and it needs to be cleaned often. Not all parts of the bathroom should be dreaded when it comes time for cleaning. The toilet tank is one of the less dirty things to clean. A person can learn how to clean toilet tank without a problem.

Cleaning the Inside

Many people do not think about cleaning the inside of their toilet tank. This tank is not that hard to clean in most cases. There usually is not a lot of buildup in the tank. A person can take the lid off of the tank and put cleaning solution on the tank. It can then be scrubbed with a sponge or a toilet brush. Be sure to wash off the cleaning solution and the tank should be cleaned.

In order to get the tank really clean it is important to have the correct cleaning products for the job. Chemicals are not needed in all cases. Vinegar is one of the best cleaning products for the job. Vinegar is free of all chemicals and has natural antibacterial properties that can kill germs that have built up in the bathroom. Vinegar is also acidic so it will be able to kill lime and calcium deposits that have built up on the lid of the toilet. To clean with vinegar a person will pour several cups into the tank of the toilet. It should be allowed to sit for at least an hour. At this time no one can use this toilet. After an hour the tank is scrubbed with a toiler brush and then the toilet if flushed to clean out the tank.

If a person is looking to remove harder lime deposits and mold then bleach may have to be used. The bleach is poured into the tank and allowed to sit for around half an hour. A toilet brush is then used to scrub the tank. It will help get rid of any buildup but the smell of bleach will stay behind for some time.

It is recommended shutting off the water supply to the toilet before draining it. This will allow the tank to empty out and will give a person access so they can really scrub the sides. Once a person is done they can turn the water back on and the toilet will work as usual.

When a person really wants to get their tank good and clean they can use a pumice stone to clean it. This stone will allow a person to be able to scrub off any deposits and can be used to clean many different types of toilets. This stone is great for toilets that are made from a number of different materials and has been shown to remove even tough stains and buildup.

While many people try to find products that will make cleaning the toilet and the tank easy they can be doing more harm than good with some of these products. Automatic toilet bowl cleaners can be dropped into the tank of the toilet. They are said to unleash cleaning power with every flush. While many people think this is a good thing these automatic cleaners can do a lot of damage. These automatic cleaners may rot the rubber flapper value which can lead to a leak.

When cleaning the tank it is important to remove any rust. There are special rust removers designed for the toilet that can be used. Be sure to use a remover that is designed for use in the toilet tank. If the rest is left in the tank this can lead to further problems down the road.

Once a person has clean the toilet tank they should be able to keep it clean from that point on. Once it has been clean it will be easier to keep the toilet clean in the future. All a person will have to do is wipe it down a couple of times a day.

These are some ways to clean the toilet tank. Many people forget that the tank needs a good cleaning as well. These tips will make it easy to clean all of the toilet including the tank.