Best Wall Mounted Toilet

Best Wall Mounted Toilet Reviews

1. Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

The Toto Aquia Dual-Flush Toilet is a wall mounted style that features some of the most advanced technologies that Toto provides and all at a reasonable cost. 

The Aquia toilet bowl has been treated with SanaGloss, Toto’s patented glaze that ensures the toilet stays cleaner longer. Fewer chemicals are needed to keep it clean as well which is a popular benefit with many consumers who are eco-conscious.

The glaze works to prevent the growth of mildew and mold on the outside and inside of the bowl as well as repelling dirt and debris so your toilet stays cleaner than regular toilets that don’t have this protective glaze.  Another benefit to this glaze is the sheen that it provides that will last years.

The in-wall tank for the water, the actuator, and the seat are all purchased separately so don’t forget to get these things.  You may want to consider a special bidet seat or Toto’s trademark Softclose seat that prevents the lid from slamming down and pinching fingers or damaging the ceramic.

The toilet is easy to maintain due to the front flush panel where the tank can be accessed. This wall mounted toilet by Toto features an elongated bowl and a universal height that works well for tall people also. The skirted style is modern and sleek and is very easy to keep clean.  It doesn’t take up a lot of floor space and only extends 21” from the wall.  Last but certainly not least is the dual flushing system that allows users to choose either 1.6 gallons per flush for bigger flush jobs and .9 gallons per flush for light flush jobs.

2. Duravit Wall Mounted Toilet

4.7/5 Product Rating

Another great wall mounted toilet is the Duravit wall mounted toilet.  This rimless model offers a design that is modern and sleek and easy to clean too.

 The durable ceramic keeps its great looks for years to come and makes cleaning super convenient and easy. 

The dual flush system allows users to choose from two different water amounts so you can regularly save water whenever possible.  The flushing rim technology is pressure assisted and makes sure that the bowl is flushed clean.

Because this model features an open rim, there is nowhere for bacteria and dirt to build up and hide. The toilet seat, actuator plate, and in wall tank will need to be purchased separately.

3. American Standard Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet

4.5/5 Product Rating

Although this wall mounted toilet is a little pricier than other models it does include the tank unlike our other two wall mounted toilets featured above.  This two piece unit features a rounded tank with a polished chrome activator level that is on the side of the tank.

This American Standard toilet is made from the best materials with durable, sturdy construction that will last a long time. It is truly an investment that will add an element of style to your bathroom as well as comfort.

The elongated bowl is a favorite with consumers.  The flush system features a siphon jet system that is pressure assisted.  This provides powerful flushing power that would work well in a commercial setting as well.  This siphon jet technology increases the water pressure in the toilet so the toilet bowl gets cleaned with each flush.

The large trap way is fully glazed to reduce problems with clogs.  Another popular feature of the American Standard wall -mounted toilet is the water efficiency it offers.  It uses a small 1.6 gallons of water per flush.  The carrier and seat need to be purchased separately.  Easy to install and it comes with a one year warranty too!

Summary of Wall Hung Toilets

The wall mounted toilet is becoming more popular with each passing year.  They take up less room (especially the in-wall tank models) and are super easy to clean while being water efficient too.  Even cleaning the floor is easier since the toilet is several inches off the floor.  The stylish bowl designs ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. 

The three top rated wall mounted toilets we have featured above are all great examples of high quality toilets that save space, save water and make your bathroom look terrific. Any one of these three quality wall mounted toilets will be a great addition to your bathroom and provide all you’re looking for in a toilet and more. 

Below we have provided a buying guide that will give you plenty of information you need to choose the perfect wall mounted toilet for your needs.  This information will help you understand the different features and options a wall mounted model can have and how to choose a high quality model that will fit perfectly in your bathroom and with your needs.  

Wall Hung Toilet Buying Guide

Wall Hung Toilet Buying Guide

Choosing a toilet is an important decision that you should take some care in deciding. Toilets last for decades when they are high quality and well-made, so you should look at this as an investment and not just a purchase.

You want to select a toilet that fits well with your bathroom décor and style as well as size. This guide will help you choose the perfect wall mounted toilet that you and your family will be really happy with.

Considerations to Think About

There are several things you want to consider before purchasing a wall mounted toilet. We have provided these considerations below.

Cost – Although the price of wall mounted toilets has gone down a bit over the last few years, they are pricier than floor mounted models, especially when you add in the additional cost of the actuator plate, in-wall tank and frame that needs to be purchased in addition to the toilet itself. There are a few models that come with a tank which allows savings there. Those who purchase them find them well worth the extra cost thanks to all the features and benefits they offer.

Wall Hung Toilet Buying Guide

Installation – If you are remodeling your bathroom or building a home from the ground up, you will find that an excellent time to purchase a wall mounted toilet. This is because for a wall mounted toilet the plumbing has to be redirected. The wall also needs to be reinforced so it can support the toilet. Wall mounted toilets may require professional installation but if you can afford to get one you will be more than pleased with the results and benefits they offer.

Maintenance – The designers that have created wall mounted toilets have ensured that the inner workings of the toilet are accessible if necessary. All you need to do is lift the actuator place which allows you access to the parts you need to reach.


Features of a Wall Mounted Toilet

Strong flushing system – Flushing systems have changed quite a bit over the last several years. One of the biggest changes is the amount of water that is needed to flush. In the mid-1990s the US dept. of Energy Affairs limited water usage for flushing toilets and restricted it to 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Many designers did not change the flushing systems so it became almost standard to have to flush the toilet twice to clean the bowl. Modern toilets have come a long way and have larger trap ways and increased water pressure that gets the job done with far less water and only one flush. Some also offer dual flushing so you can choose even less water when a full amount is not needed.

Water Efficiency – Conserving water is an important thing for many people, especially those who are eco conscious and wanting to do things that benefit the planet. A toilet normally uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush but some of these wall mounted units available use only 1.28 gallons per flush or offers dual flushing that has a super light flush that is only .9 gallons per flush. All of this saves water and reduces water waste as well as lowering your water bills.

Wall Hung Toilet Buying Guide

Size – One of the things that you need to think about when replacing a toilet is the rough in measurement which is how far the toilet is from the wall. With a wall mounted toilet, you do not need to worry about this anymore. While elongated toilets are much more comfortable for adults, they measure as much as 6” longer in front that the round models do. Make sure that the space you are placing the toilet can accommodate an elongated toilet. Another thing to think about is the seat height. Toilets that are ADA compliant measure about 16 ½” high. Some Universal toilets can be as high as 19”.

Toilet Seats – Most wall mounted toilets do not automatically come with toilet seats so you will need to purchase one separately. This is good in the aspect that you can choose whatever kind of toilet seat you like and there are plenty of different styles to choose from with many different features. Some seats have bidet features, some are slow close, and some are removable so the toilet can be cleaned even easier. Whatever type of toilet seat you like, just make sure that it is either round or elongated to match the bowl you have chosen.


The toilet you choose for your home will need to be a good one because you will have that toilet for years to come, possibly decades. Toilets do not typically need to be replaced often but some circumstances may call for it giving you the opportunity to try something different.

The three top rated wall mounted toilets featured above are great examples of the kind of quality you can find along with great features and options. Take a look at the reviews we have provided and see if any one of these choices will work for your bathroom.

Take the information that we have provided in the buying guide to sort through the available choices. This knowledge will make it much easier for you to determine your own needs and then look at what is available so you can purchase the wall mounted toilet that will meet all your needs and preferences.