Best Square Toilet

Best Square Toilet Reviews

1. EAGO High Efficiency Square Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

This high efficiency rectangle toilet has smooth sides and is created in one piece.  The water efficiency that this uniquely shaped toilet offers is one of the popular features that it offers.  Only 1.28 gallons of water per flush are used which will save water waste and reduce your water bills too.

This square toilet has a 3” flush valve to reduce the chances of clogging and allows plenty of room for waste to be pushed out through the outlet.

 It is US complaint with all plumbing codes and mounts to the floor. This fashionable toilet comes with a softclose lid that eliminates the loud slamming of the toilet seat and lid and prevents pinched fingers.

2. American Standard Town Square One Piece Toilet

4.8/5 Product Rating

Are you looking for something different and unique for your bathroom? How about American Standard’s Town Square one piece toilet that features a Champion4 flushing system along with a 4” flush valve that ensures the most thorough cleansing of the bowl with each flush?

This unique toilet is offered in bone, white, and linen; all soft, understated colors that go well in modern and minimalistic bathrooms designs.  This toilet features the American Standard’s patented EverClean glaze that prevents the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold that can stain and cause unpleasant odors.

The polished chrome flush handle and easy to install style round out the variety of features this stylish and functional toilet provides.  The one-piece design makes installation a breeze and keeps that sleek look that is so popular.

3. Duravit Durastyle Square Toilet

4.6/5 Product Rating

This one piece toilet from Duravit has some terrific features and a sleek, square look that appeals to modern décor lovers.

One of the most popular features is the dual flush option where the user can choose to flush with either .8 gallons per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush. This option is perfect for environmentalists that want to do something to conserve water and help the planet.

This medium-sized toilet features a white alpine color that provides a very clean and finished look that is very appealing and yet simple too.

Although this unique toilet may cost a bit more, the square shape and powerful flushing system makes it a very popular choice with many consumers looking for quality function and unique style too.

Summary of Best Square Toilets

Buying a square toilet could be a good way to add to your bathroom’s character if you are looking to move away from the traditional styles and shapes normally on the market. The three top rated square toilets we have featured above are all excellent models that provide more than just a different aesthetic appeal, they also have many functional features that add to their value.

If you are looking for a toilet that makes a statement and gives new character to your bathroom one of these square models may be just the thing you’re looking for. If you would like to learn more before deciding, take a look at our buying guide below. It contains information on how to choose the best toilet for your bathroom and will give insight to other factors besides the traditional styles that are most commonly chosen.

Best Square Toilet Buying Guide

Best Square Toilet Buying Guide

For many people choosing a toilet is not a big deal; they choose from necessity and anything they find that fits the budget is just fine. Others want to create an atmosphere that provides a spa-like experience. For the latter crowd, the look of the toilet becomes a very important factor in determining whether to get it or not.

There are several things you can look at when choosing a toilet for your bathroom. We have listed the most common factors that people look at when shopping around so you can see how the toilets you are interested in measure up.

Color – White is the most commonly seen and chosen color when it comes to toilet purchases but that doesn’t mean that is all there is. The majority of manufacturers offer a variety of colors, some just variations of white and others a rainbow of colors that can transform the look of your toilet and make it a focal point in the room. When choosing a toilet that is not the traditional white, think about whether you will want to see that colored model every single day, many times a day. Toilets are not the type of item that gets changed out frequently so having an unusual color could come back to haunt you if you want to change the color scheme of your bathroom on down the road. Resale value can take a hit as well if you are trying to sell a home that has a bathroom with a “unique” toilet color in it.

Style – Choosing the style toilet you want can be a real challenge with all of the choices available nowadays. In addition to the traditional round and elongated models, there are also square, such as the toilets we have featured above, and many other unique designs that can make a real statement in your bathroom. Although square is not a common shape, if you choose it in a neutral color, it can add to the resell value of your home and provide a unique visual experience for your guests as well. Choose a style that goes with the overall theme of your bathroom whether it is casual, traditional, contemporary, or formal.

Types of Toilets

There are many different types of toilets on the market for you to choose from. Knowing what these different types are ahead of time can help make the sifting process much smoother.

One piece – One piece toilets are becoming very popular with the consumers that are looking for a more modern design. They are typically very sleek and stylish, even in traditional white, and make a great choice for those who like more cutting edge styles. One piece toilets are also very popular because they are easy to install and are cleaner overall due to not have the crevices and spaces that two piece toilets have that can get dirt and grime and bacteria growing.

Two-piece – The traditional two piece toilet consists of a bowl and a tank that are attached to each other and then mounted to the floor. They are the toilets that are in the majority of homes, especially older homes. Two piece toilets are just as functional as one piece models but they do involve some extra work and cleaning due to the nature of their design. Two-piece toilets are typically less expensive than one piece models so if you are looking for a toilet to replace a broken one and don’t care much about the fancier styles, a two-piece is the way to go.

Best Square Toilet Buying Guide

Corner – If you are transforming a small room into a little half bath or you have very limited space, you may want to take a look at corner toilets. These interesting models fit tightly into a corner to make the most of the space you have to work with. If you are limited on floor space and want to create a nice bathroom space that offers as much room as possible, this may be a good option for you.

Rear outlet – This type of toilet is very popular in Europe and is gaining popularity in the US too due to the fact that the rear outlet toilet can be mounted almost anywhere in the bathroom. This is because the plumbing goes out the wall rather than having to go through the floor giving a lot more options for location. If your home is built on a concrete slab and you are adding a bathroom, rear outlet might be the way to go.

High Tank – these unique and eye-catching toilets are not seen much anymore but they sure make a statement when it comes to unique designs. A high tank toilet, where the tank is located high above the toilet bowl on the wall, brings back memories of the Victorian Eras and is a perfect choice if you are remodeling an older home and want a vintage look to go with the house.

Types of Flushing Systems

There are three basic types of flushing styles that a toilet has depending on the manufacturer. We have listed these three styles below.

Standard flush – The traditional, single lever flush is probably the most common type of flushing system that is in most homes. It uses gravity and the weight of the water to generate enough pressure to flush the toilet. If your water pressure is good, this type of flushing system will usually work just fine.

Best Square Toilet Buying Guide

Dual Flush – The dual flush system is also known as the water saving flushing system. This is the perfect flushing system for those looking to conserve water. A dual flush system works by offering the user two buttons; one is for a regular standard flush that uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The other button is a water saving flush that uses half of the standard water amount. This is great for those times when you don’t need a full flush and saves quite a bit of water.

Know your Trap ways

The trapway of your toilet is the part that connects the toilet to your plumbing. A good trapway will ensure that clogging up will be a rare, if ever, occurrence. Your toilet will function properly and smoothly so the waste leaves your home and makes it all the way to the sewer without any issues. All toilets have trapways and all of them are S-shaped but there are some different styles as well that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

Concealed Trapway – The s-shaped trapway is not visible with this style. The side of the toilet is smooth sided and the bolts that attach the toilet to the floor are covered with low profile caps.

Exposed Trapway – With this type of trapway, the s shape is visible on the side of the toilet. Caps cover the bolts on this model as well.

Skirted Trapway – You can’t see the trapway on a skirted toilet. It is similar to a concealed trapway but the sides of the toilet are uniform from the floor all the way up to the bowl itself. No bolts are exposed on a skirted trapway toilet.


Although choosing a square toilet may not be everyone’s preferred style, it is always a good thing to have these kinds of choices should you want them. The three high-quality, top rated toilets that we have featured above are all square and offer the kind of unique look and style that you may be looking for.

These models are quality-made and comfortable and fit well in bathroom designs with a modern or contemporary flair. Despite their unique shape, all three toilets have some great features that make them a terrific purchase that will last decades.

The information in this buying guide has provided information on the different aspects of a toilet that you will encounter on your search including the type of flushing system you want, deciding between a one or two piece toilet, and other factors that are part of the toilet choosing process.

Use this information to help you sort through all of the different styles, including the more unique models like these three fashionable, square toilets and make a confident decision on a toilet that will be in your home for years to come.