Best Pull Chain Toilet

Best Pull Chain Toilet Reviews

1. Barclay Victoria High Tank Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

Barclay high tank toilet offers consumers a beautiful, Victorian toilet that will be the perfect addition to any bathroom that features a Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian style.  The tank and bowl is made from white vitreous china and has a round front. Each flush uses the standard 1.6 gallons of water.

The trapway is glazed for the best possible flush that will clean the bowl thoroughly. The 2” flush valve is not as big as some other types of toilets, but the gravity-fed flushing system ensures that the bowl is cleaned and empty after one flush.

Trim finishes available for this high tank toilet include brushed nickel, rubbed bronze, polished nickel, polished brass, or polished chrome. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for to create the bathroom of your dreams.

2. Overhead Pull Chain Toilet

4.8/5 Product Rating

Another beautiful pull chain toilet is this high tank or high level, pull chain model from Overhead.  This black vitreous china toilet adjusts from 63” to 78” depending on your preferences and ceiling heights.  Construction consists of chrome hardware and Z-pipe that is resistant to rust. 

The elongated bowl adds to the overall unique look this beautiful toilet provides.  Overhead’s high level toilet is finished with Reno-gloss which is the company’s proprietary gloss that is stain and scratch resistant.

The sleek and stunning black porcelain has a chrome Z-pipe that connects the tank to the bowl. The toilet fits against the wall snugly for easy installation.

The gravity-fed flushing system ensures a clean bowl with every flush.  If you’re looking for an eye-catching addition to your bathroom, this is sure to fit the bill.

3. Mahogany High Tank Pull Chain Toilet

4.4/5 Product Rating

If you’re seeking a luxurious, stately look for your Victorian-style bathroom this mahogany pull chain toilet is just what you need. The round bowl is made from premium vitreous china in white that goes beautifully with the mahogany tank.

This water-saving model uses the standard 1.6 gallons per flush so you save as much water as possible. The gravity-fed flushing design helps the flush be as efficient as possible while providing a clean bowl without worry of clogs or backups.

The tubing is made from chrome-plated stainless steel and is adjustable from 70 to 74 inches high. All installing hardware is included with the toilet including mounting parts, liner, toilet bowl, pipes, and the tank.

The seat does not come with the toilet and will need to be purchased separately. For the best visual results, choose a mahogany toilet seat that matches the tank.

Summary of Pull Chain Toilets

Pull chain toilets are elegant and stunning and provide a quaint, Victorian charm to your bathroom design.  The modern pull chain toilets on the market today have all the style and beauty of the Victorian era while providing modern inner workings that perform at today’s standards.

High tank, pull chain toilets are water efficient, effective flushers, and are offered in a variety of finishes and colors to enhance any bathroom décor. The three top rated pull chain toilets we have featured above are high quality models that offer everything you are looking for in a high tank toilet.

Any one of these three pull chain toilets would be a greater addition to any bathroom and will add a unique and stylish look that is not often seen in today’s modern world. If you are looking for a pull chain toilet but need more information and choices to look at, read our buying guide below.

This buying guide contains information that will help you sort through the different high level toilets on the market so you can determine which one is best for your needs and bathroom style.

Pull Chain Toilet Buying Guide

Pull Chain Toilet Buying Guide

The pull chain toilet is a beautiful way to bring the Victorian era right into your own home. If you are a lover of claw foot tubs and other décor from a timeless era, the pull chain toilet is a perfect way to create a bathroom that will create an oasis, making those who walk into the bathroom feel like they have stepped back in time.

The first high level toilets were installed in the homes of the elite back in the Victorian era. The tanks were high due to the gravity that was needed to build up enough pressure to flush properly. This stunning toilet design may not be seen in many homes but if you ever walk into a bathroom that has one, you will never forget it.

Pull chain toilets come in a large variety of styles and designs from the elaborate to the simple, but even the simpler designs are breathtaking due to the uniqueness of the design. The handles on the pull chains can be made of ceramic, steel, iron or other material and some are quite decorative and elaborate.

If you have a bathroom that is decorated in a Victorian design or theme, a regular toilet will simply take away from your design and leave the bathroom lacking. The pull chain toilet will pull the whole look together and provide the visual experience you are looking for.

What is a Pull Chain Toilet?

Pull chain, or high level toilets are made up of a cistern and pan. The cistern is installed high up on the wall over the toilet and is supported by brackets and piping that can be very decorative and ornate depending on the manufacturer. The toilet and tank are connected by a coordinating pipe that can be made from a variety of materials. A pull chain is connected to the tank and is how the toilet is flushed.

Pros and Cons of a Pull Chain Toilet

We have listed the more common pros and cons of installing a pull chain or high level toilet in your bathroom. These pros and cons can help you decide if this is the kind of toilet you really want to install.


Incredible Visual Appeal – One of the main pros to installing a pull chain toilet is the beautiful design your bathroom will possess. This beautiful, vintage-style toilet is a great way to bring a taste of the Victorian-era to your home. It is perfect for the much older home that is being restored. There are many ways to customize these toilets including choosing decorative flush handles, decorate brackets, ornate piping, special seating and much more.

Pull Chain Toilet Buying Guide

Vintage Look/ Modern Features – Even though the pull chain toilet looks old fashioned, the modern designs have many features that make it a pleasure to use. Some of the features that you can enjoy with these vintage-look models include water efficiency, easy installation, powerful flushing, glazed bowls and trapways for easy cleaning and much more.


Costly – One of the disadvantages of a pull chain toilet is the increased cost. Depending on the style you choose, you can spend a lot of money on this style of toilet. It will last a long time though so you can definitely look at this as a long term investment. There are more basic pull chain models that will be less costly than the elaborate styles but over all you should expect to pay a little more for this design than standard toilets.

Won’t work in rooms with lower ceilings – If your bathroom has lower ceilings a pull chain toilet may not work well due to the height of the tank. The majority of high level toilets are adjustable so this may not be a huge con if you can find a style you like that can compensate for the lower ceiling.

Not the best for small bathrooms – If you have a very small bathroom, you may find that pull chain toilets simply do not work well in such limited space. The best way to decide if this special toilet will fit is to measure the dimensions of the entire bathroom and then the space where the toilet will go as well as the toilet itself, including the installed height of the tank on the wall. This will give you an idea of how much space the toilet will take up. 

How to Gravity Toilets Work?

Pull chain toilets are equipped with gravity-fed flushing systems. This is the most common style of flushing system all over the world. Ever since toilets were created, the gravity fed system has been in place and has been working for decades. Although there is the pressurized flushing system as well, gravity fed is still the most popular and will more than likely continue to be.

The flushing process of gravity fed toilets start with pushing the flush button or in the case of the high level toilet, pulling on the chain. Once the chain is pulled, the flush valve that is inside the tank is lifted.

Once the valve is lifted all the water that is in the tank starts down the pipe and through the rim of the toilet via holes in the rim. The waste gets flushed away but the water coming into the bowl using the force of gravity to aid in cleaning the bowl properly and leaving a clean one behind.

One the flush is completed the supply pipe fills the tank again until the float valve shuts off the water flow once it has reached its proper water level. It’s a very simple system that works well. There are a few different types of gravity based flushing systems on the market. We have listed them below.

Double Cyclone – Toto, the biggest toilet company in the world, invented the double cyclone flushing system. The double cyclone system features a toilet bowl with a rimless design. Instead of holes around the bowl for the water to flow through, there are two nozzles that are located on the sides of the toilet bowl. The water comes out those nozzles and moves around the bowl in a spiral as fast speeds. The force that is created is higher than a normal gravity flush produces so you have more flushing power. Many of the double cyclone models are water efficient, only using 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It is also quieter than a lot of the gravity fed models for sale currently.

Pull Chain Toilet Buying Guide

Dual Flush – Dual flush does not mean that the toilet has double the flushing power; it means that there are two choices the user has to flush the toilet. Dual flush toilets offer the ability to choose from a full flush or a partial flush that uses much less water. The full flush is used for solid waste and uses anywhere from 1.28 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The partial flush is for liquid waste or after you have cleaned the toilet with cleaner and uses only about 1 gallon of water per flush, sometimes less. It is a great way to save water and reduce your water bills. 

Advantages of gravity-fed toilets

There are several advantages to the gravity fed flushing system.

1. Proven flushing system that works – Gravity-fed flushing systems have been around a long time; in fact for decades. They are efficient and have worked for a long time without problems. This reliable flushing system will probably continue to be a popular means of flushing the toilet since it has worked so well for so long.

2. Easy to repair if needed – Every DIY-er at some point has had to repair something in their toilet whether it was a flapper or toilet seal. Gravity fed flushing systems are easy to repair and simple to work on. This can save you a lot of money on having to call out a professional every time something is not working properly. The problems that a gravity fed system usually has are very minor and can be fixed inexpensively.

Pull Chain Toilet Buying Guide

3. Affordable – Gravity fed toilets tend to be more affordable than those that have the pressure assisted flushing systems. This also includes purchasing replacement parts for a gravity fed toilet. While there are some with tons of features that may be priced much higher, overall, the gravity fed designs and styles are going to cost less than pressure assisted varieties.



A toilet is a big investment, not always in cost but because you will have that toilet for decades. It is good to take some time and do some research before you choose a pull chain toilet to make sure it is the right style for your bathroom. If you have an older home that is from that era and you are restoring it, the pull chain toilet could be a way to bring back even more of the old charm it had back in the day.

Think about your budget, the height of your ceilings, the overall space you have in the bathroom, who will be using the toilet and more. Also think about whether you will be able to install the toilet yourself or if you will need help or a professional.

The three top rated pull chain toilets that we have featured above are all excellent, high quality toilets that will look perfect in any vintage style bathroom. They are high quality, made from premium materials and featuring gravity fed flushing that produces great results.

In the buying guide you learned all about the benefits to pull chain toilets, why they are a great choice, and learned about gravity fed flushing as well; the kind of flushing used in pull chain toilets. This information will help you understand the processes of pull chain toilets and whether they will work in your bathroom well.

If you want authentic period design for your bathroom, take a look at these great pull chain toilets and see if they will work for your bathroom décor ideas.