Best Portable Toilet

Best Portable Toilet Reviews

1. Camco Premium Portable Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

Camco is a well-known brand in camping gear but this portable toilet is good for more than just camping.  This durable, comfortable toilet is perfect for road trips, hunting, boat trips and anywhere you can’t easily get to a public bathroom.  

The pumping flush action cleans the toilet bowl and the dumping elbow swivels making removing the waste easy and mess free. 

Odors will not be a problem thanks to the sliding gate valve that seals in odors and prevents leaks.  The interior of the portable toilet is made of slippery ABS that prevents odor causing debris and waste from sticking to the sides so clean up is super easy. 

When the toilet is empty it weighs only 11 ½ pounds and it features a lid that can be locked for easy transport or can be removed so the toilet can be cleaned.

2. SereneLife Portable Toilet

4.8/5 Product Rating

SereneLife portable toilet is the perfect solution to your potty away from home needs. This flushable portable toilet has a piston pump style flush with a three way flush nozzle that can handle 50+ flushes with the 3.2 gallon water tank.  It can flush and rinse the bowl every time you flush thanks to the fresh water reserve tank. 

The waste tank has a capacity of 5.3 gallons which is very easy to dispose of quickly.  It features a drain valve that is double sealed which protects against odors and leaks.  Another popular feature of the SereneLife portable toilet is the attached seat cover that can be closed to ensure splash free transport. 

The compact, rugged design is created to be comfortable and easy to  move around if necessary.  You can take this portable toilet camping, hunting, RVing, hiking and on road trips as well.  

The tough, long lasting polyethylene is corrosion resistant and very easy to clean.  The special carrying case makes it even easier to carry around and take on travels with you.

No external power connections or external water is needed for this portable toilet to work well.

3. PARTYSAVING Portable Toilet

4.7/5 Product Rating

The self-contained 5.3 gallon portable toilet by PARTYSAVING is constructed from dense, quality polyethylene that is resistant to corrosion. 

It is fully flushable and has a water pump that clears the waste from the bowl much like a real toilet does.  The large seating surface is comfortable with a complete seat size of 14” x 16”.  

This portable toilet features a large water reservoir for fresh water and a separate tank for waste. There is a 300 pound weight capacity on this portable toilet. 

There are no external water supplies or power sources that are needed for this toilet to perform correctly. It is a great way to take care of having to use the bathroom when you are out in the wilderness. 

The waste reservoir collects waste and flushes it out of the bowl. Getting the waste out of the bowl is so quick and easy that there is not any worry about bad odors or leaks.

Summary of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are a great way to make outdoor living and recreation much more relaxing and convenient. There are many different types and styles of portable toilets on the market today.  Sorting through them all can be a real headache if you are not sure what you are looking for.  

If you are looking for a fast solution to your portable toilet needs, the three quality portable toilets we have reviewed above are perfect for most needs.  These toilets are durable, long lasting, and fully flushable even though they are portable which means a cleaner toilet and easier time when enjoying the great outdoors. 

If you would like to learn more about portable toilets and what makes a quality one, read the following buying guide. This guide is full of information on how to sort through the different models on the market and choose the one that will meet your portable toilet needs.

Portable Toilet Buying Guide

Portable Toilet Buying Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Portable Toilets

There are several things that you will want to think about and consider when you are looking through the different types of portable toilets. We have listed these considerations below.

Types – Once you start looking for a portable toilet to purchase you will find that there are many styles, sizes, and types available. The most common types re bag toilets, composite toilets for when you are in a place that doesn’t have water, and flash portable toilets. Think about what activities you need a portable toilet for and where you will be when you and others will be using it. This will help you determine the type that you want to purchase.

Weight and Size – There are many different shapes and sizes of portable toilets. When it comes to the size and weight of the toilet, you want to think about where you will be taking it. If you are car camping and simply have to unload the car at the campsite, weight and size don’t really matter. If you will be carrying your portable toilet on a hike to get to the campsite, you want it to be portable and lightweight as possible. The holding capacity of the tanks will affect whether they are lightweight or heavy.

Ease of Use – How to remove waste, how to use the portable toilet, how to clean it and other important issues are all things that you need to check out before you purchase one. The easier it is to install, clean, use, and operate the better it will be when you are out in the wilderness with it or on a road trip.

Portable Toilet Buying Guide

Removing waste – The waste removal system or process is also very important to look at during your research. All portable toilets need to be cleaned after it has been used a few times. The modern designs have cleaning bags that can help remove waste with ease and no mess. Make sure the waste removal process is simple and easy.

Budget – You get what you pay for is very true when it comes to portable toilets. If you purchase one that is cheap you will more than likely get cheap performance and flimsiness as a result. Choose quality and you will get quality. Investing in the best possible portable toilet you can will ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Where are you using it? – There are many different portable toilet styles on the market. Where you will be using it plays a large role in the type of toilet that is best for your needs. If you are hiking, you will probably want a portable bag toilet that folds up and has a carrying strap of backpack feature. These convenient bag toilets have special bags for the waste that can be properly and securely disposed of as per the instructions. The toilet needs to be on a flat surface. When there is little to no water available, a composting toilet is a good choice. The all around, self-contained toilet provides a hygienic solution to dealing with waste.

Toilet Waste Removal – Once your portable toilet has been used a couple of times it will be time to empty it. The storage capacity of your portable unit is important because it determines how many days you want waist before you have to mess with it and clean it. If you choose the foldable toilet with the bags, be certain to get good quality bags that will not tear or break.

Construction and Strength –If you and your family are traveling or camping it will be better and more convenient to look for a larger portable toilet especially if you are going to be traveling for a week or more. It doesn’t matter what size the portable toilet is, construction and durability are going to be two of the most important factors to look at. If the toilet is flimsy or weak it won’t last long at all and could cause an unwanted accident or fall if someone goes to sit down on it and it topples over. Look for models that are designed to take the weight of adults and the kids will be fine. Weight capacity will be listed on the description so you can ensure that you choose one with a good high weight capacity.

The Right Height – Height is very important even in a portable toilet. Look for a toilet that will work for every member of the family as much as possible. Most people do not like to sit on super low profile toilets because they are uncomfortable and difficult to sit down and stand up from. Consider who will be using the portable toilet and why and you will be able to choose the right one for your needs that will make everyone’s time in the wilderness much nicer and more relaxing .


The three reviews and the buying guide we have provided her for you will help you choose the right portable toilet for your needs and activities. All three of the top rated portable toilets we have featured are at the top of the list in popularity because of their performance, durability, size, and weight. Any one of these choices will provide what you are looking for in a portable toilet.

The buying guide has provided you with the features that are important to look for as well as the information you need when it comes to placement, disposal of waste, and other tips that make using a portable toilet much more pleasant and free from mishaps.

The use of portable toilets is not new. They have been around for some time, used often by the mariner industry What used to require squatting down in the woods somewhere uncomfortably can now be handled in privacy with the popularity of these portable toilets.

As the decades have gone by the portable variety of toilets has gotten stronger and the styles and designs are better than ever. Before you start shopping be sure to have a good handle on what your own needs are: where are you going? How long will you be gone? How many people are accompanying you? How long will you be using the portable toilet?

Don’t choose a portable toilet on cost. Yes you may save a few bucks but we guarantee that they generic priced item you have chosen will likely not live up to all it promises and it could easily get broken.