Best Portable Camping Toilet

Best Portable Camping Toilet Reviews

1. Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

This portable toilet from Camco has a 5.3 gallon capacity and is perfect for boating, camping, RVing and other outdoor activities where facilities are not readily available. 

The durable polyethylene construction is sturdy and long lasting without adding to its weight. This portable toilet is compact as well so it is easy to bring with you on these outdoor excursions. 

The tank can be detached from the bottom and has a slide valve that seals in odors and prevents leaks.  The two side latches keep the tank securely attached to the toilet and it has a carrying handle as well.  The total seat width is 13” which makes it questionable for larger people.  

This Camco standard camping toilet features a bellow-type flush that is easy to use. The pull slide valve makes flushing easy as well. Along with this convenient and practical toilet solution for your outdoor activities, Camco includes a packet of biodegradable toilet chemicals as well.

2. PLAYBERG Folding Portable Toilet Seat

4.6/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for a portable toilet that will work great for backpacking, hiking, or camping the PLAYBERG could be just what you need.  This lightweight portable camping toilet is easy to carry and folds up easily for easy storage as well.   The size is similar to a regular home toilet seat and is designed to be stable and sturdy and easy to clean. 

The convenient sitting position is easy to use and the convenient 8 gallon waste bags provide easy cleanup without worry about the mess.  This folding portable toilet seating is the perfect thing to bring while on your hikes and camping trips in the wilderness.

3. Thetford 320P Portable Toilet

4.5/5 Product Rating

This is the perfect camping toilet for off the grid living, RVs, tent camping and much more.  The ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy to transport and move around as needed.  The sealed valve prevents any odors from escaping and causing the camping area or RV to smell unpleasant. 

The 3.2 gallon waste water tank is plenty big enough and easy to clean with the removable seat, cover and pour out spout that rotates around for easy waste removal.   

There is another holding tank for fresh water that holds 4.2 gallons of water.  If you do a lot of tent camping or other outdoor activities, you will love the convenience of this Thetford portable camping toilet.

Summary of Portable Camping Toilets

There are a lot of people who love to spend time outdoors camping, hunting, boating, and much more. One of the disadvantages to these outdoor activities can be a lack of bathroom facilities, especially if you enjoy more primitive camping.  Public toilets can be filthy and unappealing as well.  

This is why you need to find a great camping toilet to take with you on your outdoor adventures.  Wilderness camping can be a lot of fun as well as challenging. Having a portable camping toilet on hand to take care of business can make the trip much more pleasant and comfortable. 

The three camping toilets we have featured above are all excellent products that take the inconvenience out of needing to use the bathroom.  All three models are durable, well made, and easy to carry along with you while you are camping and boating or fishing.  If you are looking for a quick purchase, you will be happy with any of these top rated choices. 

We have a buying guide below that will provide you with more information on camping toilets and how to ensure that you are choosing the right one for your specific needs.  This information will help you sort through all the different camping toilet choices and purchase the one that will work the best for you.

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide

There are several different types of camping toilets that you can choose from. They all have features that are designed to make camping and other extended outdoor activities more pleasant and comfortable.

The one problem that is common when it comes to camping toilets is odor problems. Even toilets with deodorizing features and sealing lids can put off an odor so where you place your toilet will take care of this.

Below we have listed the different types of camping toilets that you can find on the market and some information about each of them. Knowing these differences can help you decide which type will work the best for you and your family or camping companions.

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide

Bag Camping Toilets – Bag toilets can come in a few different designs. Some are just a bucket with a garbage bag and others have a toilet seat and lid with legs that can fold up and some others have the leg design with a bucket as well. Bag toilets are pretty easy to use and are much more sanitary to clean out and dispose of the waste due to the garbage bags that are used. Depending on the brand, some use a special powder that will turn the liquid waste into a solid for easier cleaning. The benefits to bag toilets include being able to clean them more frequently, bags can be securely tied to avoid odors and spills, they are easy to transport and most can use regular garbage bags although heavy duty varieties are the best.

Self-Contained Toilets – This type of camping toilet is popular with campers that want to manage the waste efficiently. Most self-contained camping toilets have a comfortable seat, can be flushed, have a lid and are very similar to airplane toilets in design and function. They can hold waste for longer trips without it becoming a problem or hazard. Some have holding tanks for fresh water and separate tanks for waste and even have a plumbing system of sorts. This type of toilet typically uses chemicals to break the waste down from solid to liquid form. They can be sealed between uses so they can be safely moved if necessary without mishaps. Many self-contained units have deodorizing features and cleaning agents to keep them as odor free as possible. The only drawback to a self-contained camping toilet is that they require water for clean-up and dumping.

Composting Toilets – If you are looking for an alternative to regular camping toilets you may want to check out a composting toilet. These dry toilets decompose waste by using aerobic action. They are very efficient and compact and most have a venting system that will get rid of odors quickly. These waterless camping toilets can be used for long camping trips and uses sawdust designed for composting to breakdown the waste and eliminate or reduce odors. There is an electrical source required to use these toilets and they tend to be a little more expensive than other models.

What to look for in a Camping Toilet

There are several things you will need to consider and think about when you are going to purchase a portable camping toilet. Be sure to look at all of the available options so you will have a complete picture of what is out there and which options will meet your needs the best. It is also important to think about your budget and the amount of space you have for storing the camping toilet as well.

With all of the different styles that are available today there are some aspects that you will want to take a look at before deciding on a particular camping toilet. We have listed these below. 

Waste Disposal System – Emptying your portable camping toilet is something that you will want to do frequently while you are camping to avoid odor near the campsite. There are some models that offer flushing capabilities that require water and those are very convenient to use, but you will still need to dispose of the waste somehow and somewhere. Primitive campsites don’t usually offer a specific place to empty your camping toilet. Some have biodegradable bags that are easy to dispose of in a designated spot of in an open wooded area. The bags usually contain a special powder that will turn liquids into solids. These bags are convenient to use and can be buried in a hole at least 6” deep and 100 feet away from the nearest water source. Keep in mind that toilet papercan take a while to break down unless it is a special camping toilet paper that is designed to break down rapidly.

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide

Toilet Volume – Another consideration that you should spend time on is the amount of waste that the camping toilet can store. This is especially important if you want to purchase a flushing variety of toilet. Some can handle a day or two of waste and others are made to handle as much as a week of camping at a time. If you make short frequent camping trips a smaller capacity toilet should be fine but if you spend a week or two at a time out in the wilderness you will want to look at a larger capacity toilet that can handle a larger amount of flushes before it has to be emptied.

Easy to Use – One feature that you will want to look for when choosing a camping toilet is how easy it is to use and also how easy and convenient it is to carry around. You want to look for models that are able to be set up quickly, cleaned and emptied easily, and packed up quickly as well. Most of the camping toilets are made from durable ABS plastic that is very lightweight and easy to carry without adding a lot of weight and bulk. Some come with carrying handles or backpacks that make carrying even easier.

Toilet Size –Camping toilets in the flush and bag varieties come in many different sizes. This is important to consider, especially if you have a limited amount of room for storage. It is also important to note the weight capacity of the camping toilet especially if the campers are adults or larger than average.

Privacy – Privacy is something that anyone using the bathroom indoors or out wants. You can create your own private “bathroom” or you can choose a camping toilet that comes with a privacy shelter. There are also popup privacy cabanas that you can get as well for a nominal cost. It is worth it to purchase this additional item to provide you and other campers using the toilet the privacy that they deserve.


If you want to be as comfortable as possible on your camping trips, having a portable camping toilet available is one great way to ensure that comfort. No one likes going to the bathroom outdoors in the leaves so having this portable toilet system is important, especially if you are camping with children and women.

With the many different types of camping toilets available you have a lot of choices to sort through to find that perfect toilet for your specific needs and preferences. The information in this buying guide has provided you with the knowledge you need on what to look for, the options that are available, and how to decide which type of toilet is best.

Don’t forget the three different camping toilets we have featured above. These three models are high quality, convenient, easy to use and durable so you can take care of business out in the wilderness in comfort and ease.