Best One Piece Toilet

Best One Piece Toilet Reviews

1. Saniflo SANICOMPACT One piece Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

This high quality one-piece toilet from Saniflo is the perfect choice when space is a problem.  This modern design features vertical pumping capability of up to 9 feet and a horizontal reach of up to 100 feet.  

This macerating, one-piece unit has many features that make consumers love it. These great features include being super water efficient, a stylish look and seat that has chrome hinges included, and is perfect for small spaces. 

For water conscious homeowners, this is a great choice, using only 1 gallon of water per flush! This amounts to a big savings of water AND money. 

You can install the Saniflo one piece toilet in many different areas in your home including a loft, basement, garage, a half bath under the stairs and other places too.

2. TOTO Ultramax One Piece Toilet

4.7/5 Product Rating

Toto, one of the industry giants, produces excellent toilets that are high quality, high performing toilets that are water efficient, sleek, and stylish.  

The Toto UltraMax one-piece toilet offers a sleek, elongated toilet that is all in one piece for ultimate efficiency and style. 

The one piece design prevents dirt and grime from getting into crevices and crannies that two piece toilets have.  They are easier to clean and easy to install too. 

Customers who purchase the Toto Ultramax one piece toilet will also get the fittings, tank cover, softclose seat, and the chrome-plated trip lever. 

The extra-wide flush valve measures 3” and the 2 1/8” trap way is glazed and allows for increased flow that will bring water into the bowl and take it away forcefully so the bowl stays cleaner. 

The SoftClose seat that is included is one of the new smart seat technological advancements that eliminate pinched fingers and loud slamming that can crack the bowl.  A slight touch and the lid closes softly without loud slams or injuries.  The top mount bolts ensure that this one piece toilet is easy to install too.

3. American Standard Fairfield One-Piece Toilet

4.5/5 Product Rating

American Standard is one of the leaders in the toilet industry and is responsible for the creation of the one piece toilet.  

The Fairfield toilet saves water with an excellent rate of 1.28 gallons per flush so you can conserve water and save on your water bills too. 

The color matched seat and cover gives the toilet a consistent stylish look that looks great in any bathroom. 

This low profile toilet sits lower to the ground which makes it a great choice for kids’ bathrooms or a bathroom for a smaller adult. It meets all EPA WaterSense requirements and makes the perfect addition to a modern or contemporary bathroom.

Summary of One Piece Toilets

We have shown you three of the top rated, one-piece toilets on the market that are consumer favorites for many reasons including the water they save, the performance they provide, and the sleek look that their one piece designs offer.  If you are looking for a quick solution that requires no research, any one of these great one-piece toilets will be perfect. 

If you would like to understand more about how to choose the perfect one piece toilet for your home, read the buying guide below. It contains useful information on one piece toilets and teaches you what to look for and why they are good choices for your bathroom. 

The knowledge this guide will give you will allow you to make a confident decision on the right one piece toilet for your specific needs and home.

One Piece Toilet Buying Guide

One Piece Toilet Buying Guide

The most important factor for you to look at when purchasing a one-piece toilet is the measurement of the toilet. You want to be sure that you choose a toilet that is going to fit perfectly in the space you have for it, including the height as well. You don’t want to purchase a toilet only to find out that it is too big or small for the space. Not only will that make the bathroom look bad, it will be uncomfortable for the guests that use it as well.

Another very important consideration is the maintenance the toilet will require. Most of the maintenance that the toilet will require involves cleaning so you want to look at any features the toilet offers that help with this oftentimes unpleasant chore. Companies like Toto and American Standard have added special finishes to their products like American Standard’s Everglaze and Toto’s Sanagloss. These finishes are added to aid the homeowner in keeping the toilet clean and looking good as new.

Features of a Great Toilet

Every household has its own special features and characteristics along with the people that live in the household. The best toilet for one person may not be the best toilet for another.

That being said, there are still some basic features that make any toilet you buy a long term investment. Taking the extra time to learn about these factors now will prevent you from flushing your money down the drain.

Price – While you should never choose any large product or purchase based on price alone but in most cases, consumers like to find a deal on what they want to buy. With plumbing, the price you pay does indicate the quality of the product you’re purchasing. Looking for the cheapest toilet in the place is a recipe for disaster. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive one the company has, but it does mean not to look for “cheap” or you will get cheaply made. There are some great toilets on the market by reputable companies that will not break the bank so great deals are there to be had, you just want to be sure you know what you are getting.

One Piece Toilet Buying Guide

Performance – The ideal toilet will flush properly and cleanly, fill quietly, save water as much as possible, not require repairs and stays working.

Appearance – Another important consideration is appearance. This is especially true if you are remodeling a bathroom and want a specific look to complement your new bathroom facilities. Consider what kind of one piece toilet will look the best in the space you are working with and look for models that match the fixtures you will using as well as the overall look of the room.You want a toilet that blends into the rest of the décor seamlessly, not one that sticks out like a sore thumb. Even though you want something that blends, you also want it to look sleek and stylish on its own as well.

Efficiency and Effectiveness – A good quality toilet uses water effectively and efficiently. Water conservation is important to many people so choosing a toilet that uses as little water as possible per flush is one great way to say on water bills while cutting down the amount of water you use each month. Toilets are responsible for about 30% of your water bill so finding a toilet that makes good use of a little amount of water is better for the environment and also good for your wallet.

Why Choose a One Piece

So, why should you choose a one-piece toilet over a two piece? We have provided some comparisons for you below that will show you the benefits to purchasing a one piece unit.

The Difference in Sizes – A one piece toilet is typically smaller than the two piece models. The tank and toilet are all one contiguous piece and the tank sits lower on the toilet bowl than it does on the two piece models. Because they are smaller overall, one piece toilets are perfect for small bathrooms, half bathrooms, and powder rooms where space is limited. They are also good choices for disabled people or homes with younger children that will find the lower toilet much easier to sit down on and stand up again.

One Piece Toilet Buying Guide

Easy to Clean– Because there are fewer places for bacteria, grime, and dirt to hide in a one piece toilet they are much easier to clean. It is also easier to reach certain areas as well. One of the popular aspects of a one piece toilet is that they stay cleaner than two piece models and require less scrubbing and deep cleaning to stay clean.

Durability – Since these toilets are all in one piece there are fewer flushing parts and pipes exposed. That protects them from excess moisture and other outside elements so they last longer. The more protected the inner workings are the more protected they are.

Price –You will end up paying more for a one piece toilet than you will a two piece. This is because they are constructed more solidly than the two piece varieties. They also are more modern feeling than their two piece counterparts and you’re paying for more durability as well.

A Few Words about Installation

Installing a one piece toilet is usually simpler than a two piece because you are dealing with one piece. They are a bit more bulky so be sure to consider the space you are working with and make sure that it is not TOO cramped around the toilet. You should plan on having more than just yourself to install the one piece toilet which will make it much easier to handle.


Ultimately, a toilet is a personal choice that has a lot of personal preference involved. Think about your tastes and comfort rather than just the price and how easy it is to install. Easily installing a toilet that you don’t like will still result in your being unhappy.

All three of the toilets we have mentioned above are well worth considering for your own bathroom. The model you decide on should be one that matches your needs, personal tastes, bathroom décor and the needs of your family members. Because they typically last so long, buying a toilet should be regarded as an investment.

Look for models that you will be happy with for years and don’t just purchase the first thing you come across. The information we have provided for you with the three reviews of top rated one piece toilets and the informative buying guide are designed to help you sort through all the different styles and decide on the right one for your home and personal needs.

This knowledge will make the purchasing process smooth and stress-free and you will truly enjoy the toilet you decide on and install. Toilets are not super cheap so spending this kind of money should come with a little bit of preparation and research on your part.

We have taken much of the foot work out of the equation for you by providing the results of our research in the three top of the line choices and by making sure you are aware of the features available and the benefits of choosing a sleek, one-piece unit for your home.