Best Expensive Toilets

Best Expensive Toilet Reviews

1. TOTO Neorest One Piece Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

It’s no surprise that Toto’s toilets show up at the top of this list of the best expensive toilets. This Neorest 550 has all of the great hygiene functions and incredible comfort that the Neorest original has but they have added a dual flush, water efficient system to it that adds even more value to it.

The features of the Neorest 550 include an incredible dual flushing system that allows users to choose the amount of water that is used for each flush, an automatic toilet seat that can be opened and shut by sensor or remote control, a beautiful, clean design that looks great in almost every style of bathroom and much more.

The patented SanaGloss glaze is present on this great toilet too, adding a super smooth finish that repels dirt and grime and allows the bowl to be cleaned thoroughly with every flush. There is even a temperature control setting that offers heat if the user chooses.

All of these great features add up to one super comfortable, super stylish toilet that will please even the pickiest users.

2. TOTO Kit Legato Elongated Toilet

4.9/5 Product Rating

Another great Toto toilet on this list is the Legato elongated toilet. This one piece, water efficient toilet uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush rather than the standard 1.6 gallons per flush. 

The skirted design, auto open and close lid, nightlight, and heated seat are just a few of the great features you’ll enjoy when you purchase this seat.

One of the most popular features this toilet offers is the Washlet+ bidet seat that has tons of cleansing features. If you have never tried a bidet seat, you’ll be hooked for sure.

The front and back washing offers the choice of warm water along with 5 adjustable pressure and temperature controls. You can also choose between pulsing and oscillating water streams for the maximum in cleansing.

The lid of this toilet has been redesigned and fits flush with the toilet bowl which gives the whole unit a stylish, sleek look. The Tornado Flush feature provides plenty of flushing power. Combined with the hole free rim that has two nozzles, you get a thorough bowl cleaning with every flush that reduces the need for lots of chemical cleaners or repeat flushing.

3. SYSINN Smart 1-Piece Toilet Set

4.8/5 Product Rating

Last but by no means least is the SYSINN E300.  This smart toilet provides lot of fun features that will make going to the bathroom an adventure. The lid automatically opens and closes; there is auto flush, washer heating features, water temperature regulation, and much more.

This water efficient, option-full toilet provides a lot of reasons to purchase it.

The auto flush is a great feature for a home toilet, providing the same hygiene benefits of keeping your hands cleaner. Great for when you have younger children in the home.

The bidet seat offers thorough cleansing so you feel super fresh and clean between uses.  The sleek look works well in modern bathrooms and will fit well with minimalistic décor.

Summary of Expensive Toilets

One of the reason expensive toilets are so popular is because of the tons of consumer oriented features they possess. Others offer the additional benefit of being super stylish which adds to their appeal.  When you are looking for a super great toilet that has all the features and looks great too, there are many options to choose from but you will pay for those features and that style. 

Making sure that you choose the right brand can ensure that the extra money you spend is well worth it.  The three expensive toilets we have featured above are all from excellent companies that have proven their valve by producing high quality toilets that offer the best of everything.

Any one of these top rated toilets are worth the money and will provide a slew of features that will turn your bathroom trips into spa-like experiences.  If you’d like to look around more at what is available read the buying guide below to gain some valuable knowledge before you start researching.

Best Expensive Toilet Buying Guide

Best Expensive Toilet Buying Guide


The toilets we have featured and the majority of expensive toilets are expensive for good reason. Below we will share the reasons why they are expensive so you can understand a little about what sets expensive toilets apart from regular ones.

Toto is known as the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. They are known for quality toilets that provide many features and benefits to the user. They focus on comfort and quality and provide a lot of comfort features in their expensive toilets.

Most have auto open and close lids, auto flushing capability, and dual flushing systems that make the most of the auto flush feature. The feature rich toilets from Toto will use smart technology to determine how much water needs to be used per flush to clean the bowl correctly so there is no wasting of water either.

Many of the Toto expensive toilets come with bidet seats that are usually on their most expensive line. You don’t even have to leave the toilet seat to turn on the bidet functions offering the ultimate in comfort and convenience too. In addition to pressure control and water type, some have the option of controlling the direction the water goes as well. This makes the bidet seat work for men and women rather than being stuck with one specific angle.

Another wildly popular feature on expensive Toto toilets is the backlit option run by remote control that offers a nightlight. Having a nightlight option reduces the need to blind yourself turning on the glaring bathroom lights in the middle of the night. Don’t forget the deodorizer that keeps the area around the toilet and the toilet itself clean and odor free and the drying option that completes the job the bidet accomplished. These options are not standard but can be added to specific models in the Toto line.

Best Expensive Toilet Buying Guide


Kohler is another giant in the toilet industry, known for their gorgeous, stylish toilets. Some of the best looking toilets on the market come from this creative company. They put a lot of work into their designer line than any other company and that is why they are the most attention-getting models on the market.

Their toilets feature 1.6 gallons per flush standard that gives plenty of power. A lot of brands may claim to use 1.6 but may end up using more or less depending on the accuracy and standards of the company. Kohler ensures every flush has the precise 1.6 gallons for maximum efficiency.

Another notable feature of Kohler expensive toilets is the 1 year limited warranty they offer. This warranty reassures customers that they stand behind their products 100%. They have the best customer support of all the toilet companies on the market as their standard of service awards attest to. If there is ever any problem with a Kohler toilet, you will not have to worry about not getting help from their customer service.

One Piece Toilet Reviews

Why are Expensive Toilets Good?

The average toilet buyer may not be interested in an expensive toilet if they are just trying to replace a broken one. There are many reasons to consider an expensive model though. If anyone in the household suffers from arthritis or health problems that make flushing or seat lifting a problem, the auto features expensive toilets offer can take care of that and give the user a larger sense of independence.

If you have children in the home, the expensive toilets with auto closing lids and night lights prevent pinched fingers and allow the child the opportunity to use the bathroom without having to walk into a dark bathroom. 

Benefits of Expensive Toilets

Ultimately, an expensive toilet and a regular toilet do the same thing; they both get rid of waste. The benefit to an expensive toilet is that they offer the option of fully automated processes so you end up with an almost hands-free experience. This works very well for those with physical limitations that can make bathroom visits stressful.

You will definitely have a more sanitary experience with expensive toilets, especially if you are using a bathroom that isn’t connected to electricity such as an off-the-grid situation. Some of the non-electrical toilets can accommodate as many as 7 people all weekend long thanks to storage tanks or composting bins that are top of the line. Be sure to get a venting kit if you are going to be using this type of toilet to prevent odors from getting into the room or the rest of the home.

Expensive toilets are also used as a status symbol. Whether you are choosing a fully automated compact toilet that anticipates your every move or a beautifully designed toilet that has paintings and designs on it, you can choose a toilet that has such advanced technology you will feel like you are being waited on.

Disadvantages to Expensive Toilets

There are some problems with expensive toilets just like there can be with regular toilets. The most common complaint that they get is about the water conservation systems that are no required in all designs. If the water pressure isn’t enough to work properly you will have to flush more than once to clean out the bowl. You may need to install an additional pressure system to help boost the water pressure if that is the case.

The majority of expensive toilets have systems that are designed to break down the waste and make it easier to flush. With all of these options and features, things can go wrong and parts can fail which can be really costly in an expensive toilet and require hiring professional help.

Best Expensive Toilet Buying Guide

Finding the Best Expensive Toilets

The best place to look when researching expensive toilets is where the customers are commenting. You can learn a lot about a particular model you may be interested in by reading what others who have purchased it have to say. Look for reviews that will list the features you get as well so you know exactly what that toilet is going to provide for you.
Have a good idea of what you are looking for before you start shopping. If you have small children, individuals with physical limitations, or elderly, you will want to choose a toilet that will work well for everyone in the family as much as possible.

The best costly toilets on the market will provide a lot of value for the amount of money you are spending. You’ll be the one using the toilet most often even if it is in a guest bathroom, so make sure that it is one that YOU like. There is nothing wrong with looking for a toilet that looks fantastic, but it must have the functions and performance you want as well or it is wasted money.

Features like:

  • Flushing power
  • Water efficiency
  • Ease of installation
  • Appropriate height
  • Fits the space properly
  • Additional glazing for maximum cleaning

These features will ensure that you are happy with the performance of your toilet and not just its looks.

Ease of Installation

It can be a little difficult at times to install an expensive toilet. This will be determined by what you want it to do. Off the grid designs can be even more difficult. Venting is typically the biggest issue with an off the grid toilet. You want to have at least 5 feet or more of venting tube so you can get rid of the odors properly. A beautiful composting toilet is nothing if the room’s stench knocks you over.

For the fully automatic models it is possible that you will need to access a GFCI outlet so they work the way they are designed to. Some use battery power but more often than not you will have about 4 feet of cord or less to provide the power the toilet needs. This will require an outlet close to the toilet; not something that is widely ensured in homes.


Expensive toilets are not just expensive because the company wants more money; they are expensive because they offer consumers much more in the way of high end features and experiences. If you are remodeling a bathroom and want the best toilet you can find for the room, look to the company’s expensive toilet line and see what they offer in the way of options, color choices, and features. Some features you may not use at all and would not need so know what you want ahead of time.

The three top rated expensive toilets we have featured above are great examples of the kind of features you can look forward to in a quality model. Whether it’s a full automation model to provide a hands-free bathroom experience, or a decorative toilet with a bidet seat for ultimate cleansing, when it comes to expensive toilets you can bet on some excellent choices that will make your bathroom one of the favorite rooms in the home with your family and guests too.