Best Elongated Toilet

Best Elongated Toilet Reviews

1. TOTO Drake 2-Piece Elongated Toilet

5/5 Product Rating

The Drake elongated toilet from Toto is one of the best, basic level elongated toilets on the market.  This simple and elegant toilet is available in six great colors that you can select from to complement your bathroom.  

This functional toilet uses the standard 1.6 gallons of water per flush and will not clog or throw back any waste that you have flushed back into the bowl.  

The efficient and fast flush is due to the 3” flush valve that is about 125% bigger than regular models.  Flush even larger amounts of waste and toilet paper without worry. 

The Drake 2 piece toilet features an elongated bowl that is comfortable and easy to install. The glazed trap way prevents waste from sticking to the bowl and making cleaning much harder.  Thanks to the slippery insides of the bowl you will not have to scrub and scrub to get the toilet clean nor will you have to get a new toilet brush every month. 

You will need to purchase a toilet seat to go with this toilet.  Toto offers many different styles of elongated toilet seats that will work great on this toilet.

2. WoodBridge Elongated One Piece Toilet

4.7/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for excellent construction, high quality, and a stylish look, the Woodbridge elongated toilet will fit the bill. There are many things to like about this toilet. 

The flush system is fully glazed so waste slips right out and the powerful flushing system is super quiet too so there are no leaks, no clogs, and no worries. 

The modern design is very clean and sleek and works well with a variety of bathroom designs. The skirted trapway makes cleaning the toilet much easier so you don’t have to use harsh, abrasive cleansers.  

Another popular feature is the efficiency this toilet offers. It is WaterSense certified and meets all requirements of the CSA and UPC.  It also has a high quality, soft close seat that prevents pinched fingers and loud slams that has stainless steel hinges for maximum durability.

3. Toto Vespin II High-Efficiency Toilet

4.5/5 Product Rating

Another great product from Toto’s line of quality toilets is the Vespin II toilet.  This quality model features Double Cyclone flushing and is highly efficient when it comes to water consumption. Every flush uses only 1.28 gallons of water; less than the standard of 1.6.  

The sleek, skirted design, chrome flushing handle, and the Universal height that is taller than a regular toilet are also features that make this a popular choice with consumers.  

The Sanagloss glazing makes the Vespin II easy to clean and will not allow dirt and debris to stick to the sides of the bowl.  This means fewer cleaners are needed to keep the toilet looking brand new. 

The decorative design features a 2 piece toilet with an elongated front bowl and a stylish tank.  You will need to purchase a toilet seat to go with this toilet and Toto has many available that will go with the design and complement your bathroom well.

Summary of Elongated Toilets

Toilets that have elongated bowls and seats are much more popular with adults, especially if they are on the taller or larger side.  It offers more room and also looks very stylish in the bathroom.  There are many different varieties of elongated toilets available for consumers to choose from. 

The three models that we have featured above are the top rated elongated toilets that consumers prefer to purchase.  They are all well-made, have lots of features that make them perform well and they all look great too.  If you’re looking for a fast answer to a great elongated toilet for your bathroom, choose one of these three and you will be pleased with the results. 

If you’re not quite sure yet, read the buying guide below which will give you more information on elongated toilets so you can sort through the many choices available. This guide will make the purchasing process much easier since you will understand more about these toilets and will understand what you are looking at by reading the descriptions.

Elongated Toilet Buying Guide

Elongated Toilet Buying Guide

When it comes to deciding which toilet is better, an elongated one or a round one, there are several factors that you will look at. In actuality, neither one is better; one may just suit a certain situation or bathroom style better than the other one will.

The things that will determine which style of toilet you choose will be personal preference, the size of your bathroom, the style of your bathroom, and the space that your toilet fits into. Even though there may only be two basic shapes of regular toilets, there are different variations of those shapes so that one elongated toilet may not look anything like one from another manufacturer.

There are many commonalities between round and elongated toilets. The inner workings of each shape work basically the same barring any flush system differences like dual flush and others. They are both offered in a variety of great colors that will complement your bathroom. In fact, other than the shape of the bowl and the size footprint it takes up, there are very little differences between a round toilet and an elongated one.

The most notable difference between a round toilet and an elongated toilet is the shape and length of the bowl. Elongated toilets are narrower and longer and fit well in spaces that are narrower. A round toilet is much shorter from front to back so putting that shape toilet in a narrow space can be uncomfortable for the user.

We have provided several pros and cons about elongated toilets that will give you some additional information about their benefits and value. Once you look over the pros and cons you will more than likely have a better idea of what you are looking for.

Pros of Elongated Toilets

Easier for men to use – Elongated toilets are well designed for men and boys to use much easier than a short, round toilet. This is especially good when a younger boy is learning to use a full sized toilet.

Much easier to clean – Elongated toilets are easier to clean due to the bowl being large enough to easily get a brush inside to scrub it when necessary.

Elongated Toilet Buying Guide

Provides more space – Since adults come in all sizes and shapes, an elongated toilet is better suited to a variety of people. You will not feel like you’re sitting on a child’s toilet. Being more comfortable on the toilet is better for your health since you can relax and take care of business.

More powerful flushing – Because the bowl of an elongated toilet is bigger, it allows for a more productive flush. This isn’t always true but it is more common than not. This can also save you water since you will not have to flush the toilet several times to clean the bowl. A more powerful flush also prevents clogs and the toilet backing up.

Cons of Elongated Toilets

Costs more – Round toilets have been around much longer than elongated ones. For this reason, elongated toilets usually cost more than round varieties. The cost difference may not be significant, depending on the model you choose and features it offers.

Elongated Toilet Buying Guide

Takes up more space – Elongated toilets take up more floor space than their round counterparts. If you don’t have a large bathroom with plenty of space, an elongated toilet can make the room feel cramped. Make sure you have the space available to comfortably place an elongated model.

Not “potty training friendly” – An elongated toilet could be difficult for a small child to use due to the size being larger than a round one. Some small children may even be afraid of the size of the elongated toilet and think they might fall in. Without the right insert, they very well could.


Features to Avoid

There are several things that you will want to stay away from when you are searching for the right elongated toilet for your bathroom. We’ve listed these non-desirable issues that you will want to avoid.

Noisy flushing – Pressure assisted toilets are great for providing powerful flushing action but they can be really noisy too. Technology is improving though, fortunately, so these higher powered flushing systems that are available in many toilets are now much quieter while still providing the same performance.

Hard to find replacement parts – Look for an elongated toilet that has easy to replace parts if need be. Super fancy toilets are fine, but if you have to struggle to find the parts to fix it, they become a problem. Make sure that there is a warranty in place for any irregular toilets you choose to buy so you can get them fixed if it becomes necessary, without a lot of headache and hassle to find those parts.

Elongated Toilet Buying Guide

Loud, slamming lids – Slamming toilet lids used to be common place and some of the lesser quality toilets still have this problem. Look for an elongated toilet that features soft close lids that will protect little fingers from getting pinched and save you from the awful sound of slamming lids.

TOO long – Elongated toilets are definitely longer than round toilets but sometimes they can be too long for the space you are putting it in. There are compact elongated toilets that still feature the longer, narrower seat but they don’t take any more room than a regular round toilet. These compact elongated models are great for smaller spaces where you still want the look and shape of the longer toilet.

Too Tall – There are standard height toilets and low profile toilets which are lower to the floor, and then there are the comfort height or chair height models. Adults like taller toilets but there is a point that a toilet becomes TOO tall and then it is just uncomfortable. Take into consideration who will be using the toilet and make your height choice based on that. The comfort height toilets range from 17 to 19 inches. A regular standard height toilet is about 15”. If you have back or knee problems, a taller toilet can actually be easier to use.



Elongated toilets are definitely continuing to grow in popularity as the years go by. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand the differences between elongated toilets and round toilets and to point out why people prefer the elongated models to the round ones.

The three toilets we have featured above are all excellent examples of high quality elongated toilets that are perfect for bathrooms that have plenty of space or narrower spaces. The companies that manufacture these models are reputable, well-known companies that produce high quality toilets that look great in any bathroom they are installed in.

The information in our buying guide is designed to help you understand the benefits of an elongated toilet and how to sort through all of the different models and styles that are available.

This knowledge will get rid of the confusion and stress that choosing can cause when you don’t quite know what you are looking for. Now you know what to look for, how to measure your space and what the best features are.

This information and knowledge will enable you to make a confident decision about the elongated toilet you purchase for your home.